5th edition

The Jury of the new NOVO BANCO Revelação unanimously agreed on selecting the works submitted to the contest by Ana Braga, Inês Moura and Susana Pedrosa.

Each of the selected artists will receive a production grant in the amount of EUR 7,500 to help in the production of the works that will be on show at the Serralves Museum from 13 November 2009.




The Winners
Susana Pedrosa
The project conveys the linguistic and conceptual experiences of the 60s and 70s. Using diaries and calendars, she relies on photography and the projection of slides to describe the passage of time.
Ana Braga

By enlarging archive images, namely details of vegetations, she subverts the narrative capacities of slide projections and confronts us with small differences in repetition.

Inês Moura
Having had a rich experience as an art student in São Paulo, she proposes to translate into her projects – which use photography but also drawing – the porous, non final and constantly changeable character of that metropolis.
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