Recognising that the participation of the various stakeholders is essential to NB’ evolution in the area of sustainability, the Group stays in regular contact with the different groups of stakeholders that are considered important for carrying on its business and which exercise greater influence in the realisation of the defined strategic objectives.

This dialogue with the Group’s Stakeholders is an essential process for identifying the expectations and emerging issues which might be covered by the Group’s strategy, the approach to which involves three steps:

  • Identification of the key groups of Stakeholders for the NB Group;
  • Adoption of effective and appropriate dialogue with each group;
  • Identification and management of the most relevant topics for the different groups.

A number of entities were identified for each of these Groups which were prioritised according to their impact on NB’ business and the impact that NB has on their activity.

In order to reinforce the existing channels, the NB Group has developed mechanisms for dialogue with its Stakeholders, namely: interviews, on-line surveys, telephone surveys, motivation surveys, one-on-one meetings, focus groups, among others.

The most important topics identified through dialogue with the various groups of stakeholders are addressed by the focus areas of NB Group’s sustainability strategy, in accordance with the principles set out in the AA1000APS Accountability standard.

The NB Group is aware that its responsible performance not only depends on its practices and policies but also on its responsible performance throughout its value chain.

The NB Group looks on its Employees as one of the main driving forces of the implementation of the Group’s strategy and of the results achieved.

The NB Group has the objective of satisfying and corresponding to its Clients’ expectations, for which it fosters a relationship based on trust.   
NB’ relationship with the Media is based on ethical criteria which respect transparency and independence.
Investors and Shareholders

One of the Banco Espírito Santo Group’s main objectives in pursuing its mission is to create value for its Shareholders

Regulatory Entities

Pursuant to legislation in force, NB’s activity is regulated by the following external entities: Securities and Exchange Commission (CMVM), the Bank of Portugal and the Portuguese Insurance Institute.



Stakeholder Dialogue Channels

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  • Employees
  • Investors/Shareholders
  • Clients
  • Regulatory Authorities
  • Media
  • Suppliers
  • NGO´s