All Editions - REFLEX

4th Reflex edition  - 2010

With around 400 entrants and 600 photographs entered, the jury selected the top 30 works that will now be presented, and which include the three first prizes and Honourable Mention. The works were evaluated taking into account the thematic context and artistic expression of each photograph.

3rd Reflex edition  - 2009

30 works have already been shortlisted from the more than 540 applicants and 730 photos submitted to the third edition of the REFLEX prize. These include the first three prizes and the Honourable Mention. The works were basically selected on account of their thematic framing and artistic expression.

2nd Reflex edition - 2008

From a total of 834 works submitted to the competition, 30 photos were selected to feature in the exhibition, including the three winning projects and the honourable mention. The prizes were awarded based on their thematic framing and artistic expression.

1st Reflex edition  - 2007

“ARTISTS” was the theme of this edition of REFLEX, and the aim was to make a plural reflection through photography portraying the gesture and the work of the artist, and the artist himself, in his multifaceted implicit or explicit expressions.

From a total of 882 works submitted, the jury of the REFLEX prize selected 26 photos, basing their decision on the thematic framework and artistic expression.