NOVO BANCO Revelação

NOVO BANCO Revelação

Collective exhibition at Serralves Museum presented works of the 3 artists of the 2019 edition.

Alice dos Reis was the big winner of the 2019 edition of the NOVO BANCO Revelation award. The jury for this edition, composed by Pedro de Lhano (Spain, independent curator), Manuela Moscoso (Ecuador, curator of the next Liverpool Biennial), Susana Lourenço Marques (Portugal, professor of Photography and Photography History at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto ), Filipa Loureiro and Ricardo Nicolau (curator and assistant director of the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art) unanimously elected Alice dos Reis as the big winner, among 56 candidates, and artists Diogo da Cruz and Luís Ramos as finalists.

At the opening of the exhibition, a monographic publication of the work of the winning artist, Alice dos Reis, was launched.

About the finalist artists' projects

In his research, Diogo da Cruz has been exploring the dialogue between art and science - in October 2018 he started an independent interdisciplinary research group based in Munich, SFB42, which brings together 10 artists from the Academy of Fine Arts with 10 physicists from the University Technique. Certain scientific experiments, namely those associated with research on black matter, serve to reevaluate the photographic image. For NOVO BANCO Revelation the artist proposed a performance installation entitled shot in the dark that, classifying a machine invented by scientists to “record what was never detected” (elements that make up the universe that we still don't know) as a camera, validating the his measurements as photography, questions us about the status of photography in the conception of truth, in its relationship with knowledge.

Luís Ramos, presented a proposal that explores several approaches to photography and image capture devices. Through constant ironic and humorous references to certain artists and artistic movements, Ramos creates works in which he intelligently plays with the (in) capabilities of video devices to capture and project certain images, or with the current ubiquity of photography - in a a time when we are all, more than mere consumers, producers of photographs - in a project in which we collect and value the photographs that we accidentally take with our mobile phones, which are usually erased.

Alice dos Reis' winning proposal calls into question the traditional and extremely hierarchical relationship between man and animals, intending to reflect, through a film and a video, “the process of capturing images as a non-exclusively human exercise”. The potential collaboration between species set in motion in your project aims to question the notions of nature and culture, along the way rethinking the status and functions of photography. The artist writes: “To paraphrase John Berger, instead of looking at animals, I propose to question how photography can facilitate a critical mediation space that allows us to see with animals.”

Biographical notes:
Alice dos Reis was born in Lisbon in 1996. She has a degree in Art and Multimedia from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon and a master's degree in Fine Arts from the Sandberg Institute, in Amsterdam. Among his solo exhibitions are Mood Keep (Seventh Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 2019), Pálpembrana (Galeria da Boavista, Lisbon, 2018) and Physical Sky (Spirit Shop, Lisbon, 2018). Outside Portugal, the artist has already presented her work in spaces such as the Eye Filmmuseum and the Sandberg Institute, both in Amsterdam, the Le Murate space in Florence and the Seventh Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.

About the NOVO BANCO Revelação

The NOVO BANCO Revelação is a joint initiative of the bank and the Serralves Foundation with the objective of promoting, launching and supporting art production and creation by young Portuguese artists that use photography as their medium.

The competition is open to artists under 30 who submit works/projects never before exhibited or subject to assessment by a jury. The competition is mainly, but not exclusively, addressed to works in photographic support. The subject/theme of the projects submitted is totally free.

From this year, the prize will have a new format, recognising a winner each year and increasing the production grant to 15,000 euros. The new format of NOVO BANCO Revelação will have an international jury who, in the first stage, will select four projects from among the applications received. In the second stage, the jury will select one of the four shortlisted projects as the winner of the competition.

The winner, whose name will be announced in September, will receive a production grant worth 15,000 euros and will have the unique opportunity to show the work in a solo exhibition at the Serralves Museum, opening in November.

By cooperating with the Serralves Museum in an initiative to encourage the emergence of young photographers, NOVO BANCO is extending its cultural sponsorship strategy in the area of photography and at the same time engaging with the community through innovative ways of promoting art photography involving young Portuguese contemporary artists.