United Nations Environmental Programme for the Financial Sector (UNEP-FI)

In line with its environmental policy, Banco Espírito Santo was the first Portuguese private bank to endorse the United Nations Environmental Programme Financial Initiative – UNEP-FI.

This endorsement implies the signature of the “UNEP Statement by Financial Institutions on the Environment & Sustainable Development”, which commits the signatory financial companies to develop sustainable initiatives, products or services.

The UNEP FI resulted from a global partnership between the United Nations and the financial sector, which already involves more than 170 financial institutions.  UNEP FI carries out its mission to identify, promote, and divulge the adoption of best environmental and sustainability practice at all levels of financial institution operations.

NB’ endorsement of this programme not only proves that the two entities share the same vision regarding the importance of the role played by the financial sector towards sustainable development, but also significantly reinforced the international visibility of the Bank’s sustainability strategy.

Banking & Environment Programme
NB and CGD became the only two Portuguese signatories of the UNEP-FI, an initiative solely dedicated to promote sustainability within the financial sector.