2016 Edition

Félix Mula - winner of NOVO BANCO Photo 2016

Félix Mula was the winner of NOVO BANCO Photo 2016, the main international contemporary art prize in Portugal, which promotes new works by the most renowned artists in the Portuguese-speaking world.

The jury, whose nationalities differ from those of the artists selected, was made up of Élise Atangana (France/Cameroon), curator and producer; David Claerbout (Belgium), artist; and Yves Chatap (France/Cameroon), curator, editor and founder of the vusdafrique.com platform.

'After long deliberation, the jury came to a difficult but unanimous decision, underlining the excellent quality of the work done by each of the artists and highlighting the complexity and diversity of the three entries. The jury's intention was to favour work focusing more on the photographic field, given the nature of the prize, which has always been about photography. The decision to award the prize to Felix Mula was also based on the talent revealed through the aesthetic uniqueness of his work. The jury further mentioned an awareness of the unknown that will undoubtedly be reflected in his future work. However, his work also provides a glimpse of one important path to a significant understanding of the practice of photography.'

The exhibition, open to the public until 2nd October 2016, brought together new works by Felix Mula (Mozambique), Mónica de Miranda (Angola and Portugal) and Pauliana Valente Pimentel (Portugal).