4th edition

The jury of the new NOVO BANCO Revelação unanimously selected the projects submitted to the competition by David Infante, Nikolai Nekh and Mariana Silva.

Each of these artists receives a production grant in the amount of EUR 7 500 intended to support the production of the works to be presented as from mid-November at the Casa de Serralves.


The Winners
David Infante
Black and white photos where the human figure and the exploration of portrait predominate. Often resorting to devices that obscure the linearity of perception, such as mirrors, semi-transparent materials and even fragments of images, these works use photography as much to fabricate a likeness as to reveal the unusual.
Nikolai Nekh
Having lived as a child for six years in Raduzhnyy, a small village in Siberia where part of his family still remains, Nekh's proposal is a reflection on the role of image in the construction of the identity of a place (Raduzhnyy, in this case) but also on its hypothetical contribution to redeem a family relationship.
Mariana Silva
Proposes to extend her work on the documentary function of image and its relation to collective memory. Taking as a starting point a set of documentary films depicting recent events in the history of Portugal, Mariana Silva proposes to develop a model of archive that offers different strategies whereby such films can be viewed, while seeking to deconstruct both the usual protocols through which such materials are usually experienced and the notion of absolute visuality.
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