Social Dividend Model

In line with its sustainability concerns, in March last NOVO BANCO launched an innovative Social Dividend model, based on four programmes:

  • #NB Equal Gender
  • #NB Work & Life
  • #NB Environment
  • #NB Social Responsibility

Underlined by specific objectives for 2020, and NOVO BANCO's commitment to give back to society and its employees what it originates from its activity, the new Social Dividend model is set to give the Bank a reference role in terms of gender equality, social well-being and environmental concerns.

#NB Equal Gender
The commitments assumed towards gender equality meet the strategic objectives of NOVO BANCO, which entail the adoption of best practices in human capital management, motivation and the development and retention of talent.

The #NB Equal Gender programme aims to ensure a more balanced gender distribution, in line with the customer base, the available talent and the principle of global meritocracy. NOVO BANCO has already reached gender parity in terms of its total workforce.

The Bank's Executive Committee includes one woman within its seven members.

#NB Work &Life
This programme aims to make it easier to reconcile the demands of professional life with the needs of personal / family life, further emphasising NOVO BANCO's practices in terms of a balance between work and private life, and promoting the well-being of the Employees.

The programme includes initiatives such as:

1. Leave of Absence on Special Dates - Employees are granted days off on special dates in their private lives, namely their birthday, an afternoon on their children or stepchildren's birthday (up to 18 years old) and the first school day in the first year at school of their children or stepchildren.
2. Additional holiday days - in addition to the number of days provided by Law, Employees may obtain up to two more holiday days. These are unpaid holidays, but do not count towards absenteeism and have no impact on the value of the holidays allowance.
3. New NB TakeAway service (a highly successful initiative) - the possibility of buying meals in the bank's canteens to take home reflects the Bank's focus on developing a work-family reconciliation policy that gives Employees more time for themselves and their families.

# NB Environment
Within the scope of its Environmental Management programme, the Bank has defined a set of objectives to minimise the environmental impacts resulting from its activity.

These objectives, identified through an environmental diagnosis, aim to consolidate NOVO BANCO's responsible management and reduce the environmental footprint of its activity. In order to achieve the proposed objectives, the Bank has set a number of priority measures and actions for implementation, whose results are monitored every six months.

#NB Social Responsibility
Within its corporate social responsibility strategy, the Bank has developed a set of solutions for important issues in the community in which it carries out its activity, namely:
1. NB Social Crowdfunding - NB Social Crowdfunding - The Bank has given a new focus and ambition to its social solidarity programme through the NB Social Crowdfunding, a pioneering and innovative digital platform that on 30 June already gathered 10,943 donors and 134 projects fully financed by donations, for a total of 563 thousand euros:
2. Cultural Patronage - The Bank supports the activities of institutions that promote cultural progress, the development of young artists in Portugal and access to the Portuguese cultural heritage, through the NOVO BANCO Revelação photography awards.
3. Educational Patronage/Financial Inclusion - NOVO BANCO aims to contribute to training a new generation of consumers of financial services, with a special focus on the teaching of Mathematics: the Bank is the main sponsor of the Mathematical Olympiads.