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32nd Portuguese Math Oympics

The 36 medal winners – 12 in the Junior category, 12 in the A category and 12 in the B category – were seeded from a group of 90 students, selected from among over 40 thousand who took part in the various stages of this competition.

The winners of category B will now dispute the international stage of the Olympiad, which kicks off in July with the International Mathematics Olympiad (South Africa) and with the Mathematics Olympiad of Portuguese-speaking countries (Angola), ending in September with the Ibero-American Mathematics Olympiad (Honduras).

31st Portuguese Math Olympics

For the fifth consecutive year, the pupil won a gold medal (category B) in the PMO, a result never achieved before in this competition. This record comes on top of another notable achievement: in 2011, Miguel became the first Portuguese entrant to win a gold medal in the International Math Olympics.

30th Portuguese Math Olympics

dro Pereira, a 12th year pupil at Domingos Sequeira Secondary School, the school which hosted the National Final of the PMO, achieved the gold in Category B, the most advanced category of the competition.
The second medal for Leiria (bronze) was won by Mariana Gago (7th year), of the D. Dinis Primary School 2,3, in the Junior Category.


29th Portuguese Math Olympics

Bruno Carvalho (7th year) and Francisco Andrade (8th year), who live in the same street in Matosinhos, are the protagonists of this event. But in this case, the good results cannot be put down just to luck, as this coincidence is only due to the merit of these two youngsters. Bruno Carvalho was also part of the first group of students who entered a new category in the PMO.

28th Portuguese Math Olympics

In an exceptional feat, the brothers Miguel Martins Santos and João Pedro Martins Santos from Alcanena both won a medal in the 28th Portuguese Mathematics Olympiad, the closing ceremony of which was held on the 28th of March 2011 in the Garcia de Resende Theatre in Évora. Miguel, a 9th year schoolboy, won one of the three golds in category A (8th and 9th year), while João Pedro, in his 12th school year, won a silver in category B (10th and 12th year).


27th Portuguese Math Olympics

The 24 winners – 12 in category A and 12 in category B – were chosen from a group of 60 young students, shortlisted from among the more than 33 thousand that took part in the contest. The winners in category B will have the opportunity to attend a traineeship from which will be chosen the Portuguese representatives to the International and Iberian-American  Math Olympics.