3rd edition

The 3rd edition presented once again at the Casa de Serralves the unpublished projects of the three winners - Catarina Botelho, Pedro Neves Marques and Ivo Andrade.

Each of these young artists received a production grant in the amount of EUR 7,500, besides being given the opportunity to exhibit their work in a joint exhibition to be held in one of the most important national contemporary art museums.

A catalogue was produced, in Portuguese and English, containing texts about the artists written by Maria do Mar Fazenda, Celso Martins and Lorenzo Bruni.


 The Winners
Catarina Botelho

The photos of Catarina Botelho compose an intimist family universe where human relations are at the focus of attention. The characters in her photos, invariably belonging to her circle of family and friends, are revealed in different situations. The movement is delicate and observation becomes a gesture of affection.                              

Pedro Marques

Recovers and gives new life to some of the main assumptions of the conceptual art of the sixties and seventies, namely seriality and to a certain extent anti-visuality. What the artist actually does is displace imminently visual problems into other media, namely text.His project for this exhibition at Serralves is to make a video film recording a boat trip he will make along the entire Portuguese coast, from north to south.

Ivo Andrade
uses a photographic process to capture the different stages and changes occurred in the process. The way in which the photographs are taken is intended to present the object in a neutral manner and with a certain degree of detail (recalling photographs in anthropological and ethnologic museum archives).
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