6th Edition

The Jury unanimously selected the projects sent into the competition by Carlos Mesquita, Eduardo Guerra, Miguel Ferrão and Mónica Baptista.




The Winners

Carlos Mesquita
Carlos entered the project The Radiant City. This project started with a trip the artist made to Budapest. It comments on the fate of certain utopias while at the same time using photography as a mere documental tool, namely by artists who worked in the 1960’s – precisely the decade of all utopias.
Eduardo Guerra
Eduardo presented a project entitled A Particular Theory based on Goethe’s Theory of Colours. The artist proposes a sculptural situation where sound plays the central role in understanding the work: “The spoken excerpt makes reference to a number of visual experiences and alludes to forms of representation and the way in which these depend on one’s perspective, referring to observation not as a neutral action, but as something profoundly active in terms of what is seen”.
Miguel Ferrão
Miguel competed with a project called The Ornithologists Dialogue. Using video, serigraphy and text, the project, eminently lending itself to an installation, he sets up three central areas, all related with an “encounter between ornithologists within a given spatial circumstance, interacting through indirect discourse, or rather, placing their positioning, in terms of discourse, between coincidence and being out-of-step with each other”.
Mónica Baptista
Mónica set out to make a cartoon using hundred of rolls of (non-digital camera) film. Pursuing her research on documental film, and on the relationship between the fixed image and the moving image, the artist aims to mix her daily personal entries on film (travel “diaries”) with political entries (namely presenting a Portugal which is very different from the supposedly urban and cosmopolitan image that tourism tries to sell, or rather, on the contrary, a rural and exotic Portugal).