1st edition of the REFLEX Cais|NOVO BANCO Prize

The CAIS Association and NOVO BANCO have presented at Lisbon’s Acqua Roma Shopping Centre the winners of the 1st edition of the REFLEX - Cais|NOVO BANCO 2007 Photography Contest. This contest challenged amateur photographers to seize through their cameras socially relevant themes portraying our society. At the same time the objective was to valorise amateur photography in Portugal.

“ARTISTS” was the theme of this edition of REFLEX, and the aim was to make a plural reflection through photography portraying the gesture and the work of the artist, and the artist himself, in his multifaceted implicit or explicit expressions.

From a total of 882 works submitted, the jury of the REFLEX prize selected 26 photos, basing their decision on the thematic framework and artistic expression.

The final winner of the first edition of the REFLEX prize was Isabel Favila, a plastic artist from Madeira who lives in Lisbon. Isabel Favila surprised the jury with her "(Un)Ready-Made, self-trail", a photographic work that questions, in her own words, “the prejudice that even today exists about the statute of photography in the field of the plastic arts”.


The Winners

1st Prize - Isabel Favila
(Un)Ready-Made, self-trail
2nd Prize - Pedro Rio
3rd Prize - Pedro Frois Meneses

The Artist’s Grandmother

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