NOVO BANCO Revelação


Andreia Santana (b. Lisbon 1991) is the winner of the NOVO BANCO REVELAÇÃO PRIZE 2016.The young artist exhibits her project "History of the Fault" at the Serralves Museum, in an exhibition on display until February 12, 2017.

The NOVO BANCO REVELAÇÃO PRIZE 2016 jury chaired by João Ribas (Deputy Director and Senior Curator, Serralves Museum) and made up of Alice Motard (Chief Curator CAPC - Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux); Émilie Villez (Director of Kadist Art Foundation, Paris); Luca Lo Pinto (Curator of Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna); Ricardo Nicolau (Deputy Director, Serralves Museum) and Filipa Loureiro (Curator of the Serralves Museum), highlighted the important role that organising an exhibition at the Serralves Museum can play in the artistic career of Andreia Santana. Dialogue with the Museum curators and access to professional production and communication should bring new concerns and aesthetic approaches to her practice.

The project that Andreia Santana presented to the jury bears witness to artists’ current interest in techniques and resources in danger of disappearing. From images collected in Portuguese factories manufacturing archaeological tools, Andreia Santana establishes a relationship between production methods considered anachronistic and a social science (archaeology) that will inevitably be devoted to the analysis of these modes of production in the near future. 

Andreia Santana’s work was chosen from among four finalists selected by the prize jury last June. Besides the winner, the other prize finalists were artists Rogério Costa Ribeiro, Pedro Huet and Henrique Pavão. The four finalists use photography to question the senses and the possibilities of contemporary art. 

To accompany the award a catalogue was recently published that presents the work of the four finalists and that, in addition to images documenting the project, includes interviews with artists led by Ricardo Nicolau, Deputy Director of the Serralves Museum and jury member for the NOVO BANCO REVELAÇÃO PRIZE 2016.