2nd edition

João Serra, Nuno Maya, Bruno Ramos and Frederico Fazenda were the winners of the 2nd edition.

This is a joint initiative of the bank and the Serralves Foundation in the field of photography that reveals to the public the work of these four young artists who each received a €7,500 grant to prepare their work. The exhibition's commissioner is the art critic Liliana Coutinho.

The Winners
João Serra
Series of photos from neighbourhoods in the outskirts of Lisbon that are in the process of disappearing. The artist does not sacrifice chromatic and composition sophistication, while stressing a singular intersection between the poetic and the political. Exploiting the formal and aesthetic qualities of photography, Serra seeks to find the fine line where politics gives way to poetry.
Nuno Maya
Project entitled "Perpetual Ephemeral Movements", an installation that combines photographic impressions with a video projection. The project seeks to invoke a journey through the behavioural patterns of human movements through a city's architectonic and public spaces.
Bruno Ramos
A set of large format photos under the title "Tragedy of a Man Alone". Each photo depicts a character in an everyday life situation that takes on an eerie atmosphere by the moment in which the action takes place and the photo's markedly staged set.
Frederico Fazenda
Video installation "Satellite" seeks to create a sensorial device whereby the formats and forms of receiving a given experience and of standing in a given place are put into question. The video shows images collected from a site in a forest in the North of Europe, chosen for its strong formal qualities.



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