7th edition

The winners of the 2011 edition have been selected. The Jury unanimously chose the projects presented in the competition by Ana de Almeida (1987, Prague), Catarina de Oliveira (1984, Lisbon) and by the collective of artists comprising Gonçalo Gonçalves (1988, Lisbon), Luís Giestas (1988, Vila do Conde) and Almeida e Silva (1981, Lisbon).

The winning projects will be presented in the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art from December 2011, in an exhibition curated by Ana Anacleto.


The Winners

Ana Almeida
Project entitled AL WAHDA, an installation made up from slides, videos and a press cutting, all related to shipwrecks, and stranded and sinking vessels, particularly of a ship that went down near to Estoril in 1989 after being swept onto the rocks by a storm. Questioning documental practices in contemporary art and the borderline between fiction and reality, the artist proposes a reflection on a possible personal and national story and the possibilities for representing this.
Catarina de Oliveira
Project which consists of a video projected onto acrylic, in which the artist sets out to investigate the present day creation of mythologies and belief systems that do not serve a nationalist or territorial political agenda. The video will mostly be recorded in the ruins of a Greek amphitheatre in Segesta, near to the city of Trapani, in Sicily. According to the artist, “I want to develop this work through symbolic images that create different maps”.
Gonçalo Gonçalves, Luís Giestas e Almeida e Silva

Collective project. One of the members of the group sends a photograph or something “photography media related” to the other two. After receiving it, each member of the group will create a new photograph or similar in response to those received and send them to the other two members and so on. This process will start straight away and last up to a month before the exhibition opens, during which period the final work for the exhibition will take shape.

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