All Editions

8th edition
The jury of the 8th edition of NB revelation unanimously selected the projects entered in the competition by Diana Carvalho, Joana Escoval, Tiago Casanova and by the duo Mariana Caló & Francisco Queimadela.

7th edition

The Jury unanimously chose the projects presented in the competition by Ana de Almeida (1987, Prague), Catarina de Oliveira (1984, Lisbon) and by the collective of artists comprising Gonçalo Gonçalves (1988, Lisbon), Luís Giestas (1988, Vila do Conde) and Almeida e Silva (1981, Lisbon).


6th edition
The Jury unanimously selected the projects sent into the competition by Carlos Mesquita, Eduardo Guerra, Miguel Ferrão and Mónica Baptista.


5th edition
The Jury unanimously agreed on selecting the works submitted to the contest by Ana Braga, Inês Moura and Susana Pedrosa.



4th edition
The jury unanimously selected the projects submitted to the competition by David Infante, Nikolai Nekh and Mariana Silva.



3rd edition
The 3rd edition presented once again at the Casa de Serralves the unpublished projects of the three winners - Catarina Botelho, Pedro Neves Marques and Ivo Andrade.


2nd edition
João Serra, Nuno Maya, Bruno Ramos and Frederico Fazenda were the winners of the 2nd edition.



1st edition
The members of the jury of the first edition, presided by João Fernandes, unanimously decided (with the abstention of Jürgen Bock in the case of Ramiro Guerreiro's project) to award 4 artistic production grants to the projects submitted by João Seguro, Ramiro Guerreiro, Carlos Lobo and Sylvie Rouquet.