The b-a-bes website is the first Financial Literacy site to touch on the concepts of the new economy in an integrated manner and that are in line with current financial education requirements. With growing financial complexity and the introduction of new concepts of the economy and finances, sparked by the global financial crisis, there is now a new set of jargon that should be explained to society, especially due to the impact that it has on people’s day-to-day lives and its recurrence in the media.


The b-a-bes website is innovative with the creation of a financial dictionary and the area dedicated to the "new economy", which puts extremely complex concepts into simple language. Although it includes a large component of savings, investment and sections dedicated to personal finances, the site goes further by being dedicated to education and explaining concepts such as CDS, CDOs, debt redemption fund, bailouts, among many others. The b-a-bes site also makes use of a variety of cognitive media to make learning easier, including content in video, image and text formats. It is therefore the first Financial Literacy website to explain "Bankese" in Portuguese.

The functions of b-a-bes

The b-a-bes site is organized into four thematic areas – the New Economy, Credit, Saving and Investing, Personal Finances – and also provides an innovative dictionary (from "Bankese" into Portuguese) which give a simple and brief explanation of the main financial terms used and which helps us to understand what Eurobonds are, what the troika is, and about CDS, rating, stress tests, downgrades and bailouts.

Its intuitive navigation through the different categories of concepts helps us to improve our financial knowledge and to easily grasp what has been until now looked on as quite a complex subject.

Thematic areas

The New Economy – This aims to demystify the main financial trends in everyday life. In this section you can find answers to the most frequent questions asked about the current economic context and about the new economic and financial concepts.

Credit – Credit is clearly a fundamental instrument for economic growth and this section provides a complete guide on the main topics and concepts of this area.

Saving and Investing – Savings and investment are accessible to all. We have to manage our personal finances if we want to have more money and a better quality of life. This section gives us tips for saving more and investing better. The main concepts behind our personal finances and investment products are presented in the form of a practical guide that helps us to take decisions on what investments to make.

Personal Finances - Personal Finances have a direct impact on everybody’s life. In our financial planning, as in many aspects of our personal life, it is important to make informed and rational decisions. With the correct practices we can gain greater financial security and quality of life. This section provides methods and lessons for assessing our personal finances, drawing up a budget and preparing for retirement.

Video tutorials – In order to provide answers to the most common doubts and to the more complex topics, the b-a-bes site has eight videos through which, in around one minute, using graphs, animation and images, we are given a simple explanation for concepts such as:

  • What AER (Annual Effective Interest Rate) is
  • What Spread is
  • How the Debt Redemption Fund works
  • What Rating is for
  • The interbanking market, EONIA and Euribor
  • What Liquidity is
  • What Public Debt is
  • What Budget Deficit is