NBnetwork Service
Welcome to the NBnetwork Service, the Internet Banking Service for businesses provided by NOVO BANCO.
This page contains an overview, in English, of the NBnetwork service, together with information on how to subscribe and how to use and configure the service.


The BNN Service is designed primarily for our business clients, and provides a comprehensive internet banking solution to meet all your day-to-day banking requirements, in a quick, simple and cost-effective manner.

Any duly authorised users may access the system, and our flexible user configuration options allow the Company to control access at account level (no access, view-only, view and prepare transactions, joint or single signatory powers). The user configuration can be changed at any time, although naturally any changes require Company authorization prior to activation by your Account Manager. There is no need to nominate a local system administrator.

Besides offering traditional online banking services, such as real-time account information, domestic transfers, cheque requisition, market information and so on, NBnetwork also offers salary and supplier payments (via file or online bulk payment), tax and social security payments, international transfers (individual or via SWIFT MT101 file) and electronic statements (SWIFT MT940 or Spanish Norma 43 format).

Available in English and Portuguese (user-defined), the system is both multi-user (unlimited number of users per company) and multi-company (eg group companies).

In terms of security, NOVO BANCO has implemented industry-wide best practices (eg 128-bit SSL communications, virtual pinpads, second level codes), and combines flexibility with security. Login options range from the most basic combination (card number and PIN code) to the most secure (Digital Certificates with Electronic PKI Signatures, combined with one-off real-time transaction validation codes sent via SMS). The daily transaction limits imposed by the system reflect the level of security chosen by the user.

Subscribing to the NBnetwork Service

If you want to subscribe to the NBnetwork service, simply follow theseinstructions:

1. If you do not already have a Linha NBnetwork Card (for the NOVO BANCO Phone service), please contact your Account Manager or Branch (each User must have one card per Company). Your Account Manager will issue a card for the requested user. When issuing a Card, your Account Manager is able to customize access levels and signatory powers to company accounts on a per user basis, irrespective of the users account holder status. Thus, it is possible to provide access to company staff that are not formal account holders. The user will be able to access the service after duly authorized company representatives have signed the respective contract. Please note that, for security reasons, the initial login involves assistance from your Account Manager.

2. If you already have a Linha NBnetwork Card for your Company, you may access the NBnetwork service via the Internet using your card Number and PIN, and will have immediate view-only access to your account(s). If you require signatory powers via the NBnet Negócios service, all you have to do is configure the service via the Configuration option on the main menu, thereby generating a new contract which must be signed by duly authorized company representatives and subsequently be activated by your Account Manager.

3. A User may subsequently opt to use a Digital Certificate instead of the Card Number/PIN combination, thereby increasing the applicable Daily Transaction Limit.

Should you require any further information, please contact your Account Manager, or the Linha NBnetwork phoneline on 707 200 300.


Using the service

NBnetwork is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Internet. All the user requires are the access codes, a standard internet connection and a browser (IE 5.5 or greater, Netscape 4.7 or above). No specific software or browser configuration is required (electronic statement download requires IE). The same access codes may be used to access our 24hr helpdesk and telephone service, Linha NBnetwork (tel 707 200 300).


Configuring the service

The following aspects of the NBnetwork service can be configured by the user:

1. Language - Portuguese/English (see menu PersonalizaçãoIdioma when you first login - Portuguese is the default language)

2. Account names

3. Login preference (card number, personalized name or Security Certificate)

4. Payee list (list of employee and supplier name and account details, for both domestic and international accounts)

5. PIN number

6. Transaction History (allowing access to up to 200,000 transactions per account online)

7. User configuration, covering:

. Account access - determines whether user is able to view account(s) and transactions
· Signatory powers (view only, joint signature, single signature or table of values)
· Specific daily limits, for intra and extra-patrimony transfers
· Additional security (trusted accounts, mobile number to receive real-time SMS transaction validation codes, e-mails for Daily Transaction Summary)

NOTE: Changes to the user configuration automatically generate a new contract, which must be duly signed by authorized company representatives and sent to the NOVO BANCO Account Manager for activation for the changes to comeinto effect.


Further information


Should you require further information, you may contact either your Account Manager or our Linha NBnetwork helpdesk (707 200 300).