NOVO BANCO aims to satisfy and meet the expectations of its clients, promoting therefore a Client Centric strategy, which is based on the development of quality assessment mechanisms and customer satisfaction feedback.

At operational level NOVO BANCO's "Client-Oriented Strategy" is deployed in four dynamic and continuous stages:

1. Define and monitor . Definition and monitoring of quality objectives and indicators, for all the departments and employees of NOVO BANCO.
. Development of a number of customer analyses, studies and survey mechanisms.
2. Engage the employees . Setting the conditions in place to allow employees to focus on service quality, namely:
           - Include service quality objectives and levels in the Bank's objectives and incentives scheme.
           - Availability of diagnosis information.
           - Training.
3. Assess results and implement improvements

. Monthly evaluation of the  of the client satisfactions results  in order to improve and innovate processes.

3. Communicate and recognise . Regularly communication of the results to all employees, viewing their involvement and full internalisation of a culture of service to the client.
. Recognition  of the best performances.

Through these mechanisms, NOVO BANCO obtains the contributions needed to develop appropriate services to provide to the clients - one of its most important assets -, continuously improving processes and service levels by monitoring indicators that track the Bank's progress, in in which knowing how to listen is a decisive instrument

Aware of the importance of Client feedback on NOVO BANCO' activity, the bank provides different methodologies (Satisfaction Surveys, Mystery Client) and communication channels, is in continuous dialogue with this group of Stakeholders, with Clients having access to a variety of means which enable them to convey not only the positive aspects, but also those that they think can be improved.

As part of its strategy of open and continuous dialogue with the clients, NOVO BANCO also provides this group of stakeholders the following points of contact:

Quality of Service - Instruments to Assess the Quality of Service in NOVO BANCO

In order to monitor the quality of service in NOVO BANCO, the following Surveys were performed in 2018:

Mystery Client Assessment of Client service quality in the commercial network 1,192 visits
Client satisfaction surveys  Assessment of Client service quality in the various segments of the bank 65,152 costumer surveys
Internal Client survey Assessment of Client service quality in the various segments of the bank 49,854 surveys

Disclosure of Feedback from Clients to Employees
It is important that the information obtained does not remain centralised, but is rather divulged internally so that the different structures can not only find out about their performance, but also know the proposed recommendations for improvements.

In this regard, NOVO BANCO makes the monthly Integrated Quality Report - Mystery Client, Percentage of Very Satisfied Clients, Complaints and Service Levels - available on-line on the Bank's Intranet, allowing the evolution of its results to be monitored throughout the year and for the causes to be analysed and action to be taken as quickly as possible.

According to the service quality satisfaction surveys conducted in 2018 to the clients of the Bank's various segments:

  • Medium-sized Companies - 90.7% are very satisfied;
  • Large Corporate - 77% are very satisfied;
  • Retail - 87.4% clients are very satisfied.