Environmental Products

NOVO BANCO is committed to pay attention to the environmental impacts of its financial products and services and look out for any resulting business opportunities, shaping its offer in accordance with the expectations of its shareholders.

Conta 18.31
Specifically designed to have a low environmental impact, the NB 18.31 Account is carbon neutral, as it is an online account. Hence this account has reduced carbon emissions (except for its opening), that can be neutralised. In partnership with the consulting firm e)mission, NOVO BANCO quantified the CO2 emissions associated with the NB 18.31 Account namely resulting from the use of computers, paper and card production, amongst others.

At 31 December 2016, NOVO BANCO had 105,838 NB 18.31 Accounts with offset emissions, equivalent to:

. 304 round-trip flights for a passenger between Lisbon and São Paulo;
. CO2 emissions resulting from the consumption of 2 245 barrels of oil;
. Gas volume sufficient to fill 195 hot air balloons;

The carbon emissions were offset through the support provided to the Velotex Project, a fuel replacement project at ceramic mills in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Dematerialisation of communication to Clients
NOVO BANCO continued to promote the dematerialisation of communications sent to customers, providing the respective documents online.

In 2016 NOVO BANCO reached the record value of more than one million current accounts with digital statement
(1,030 thousand accounts). In addition to the account statements, NOVO BANCO also sends most other banking documents to its clients in digital format (credit card statements, deposit certificates, account entry notices, integrated billing notices, and sundry notices), which in 2016 permitted to reach an overall level of dematerialisation in communication to clients of more than 75%, which is expected to reach 83% by 2020.

Responsible Investment Funds
Responsible investment is an approach to traditional investment that recognizes the importance of environmental, social and governance factors for the success of investment and for long-term stability. NOVO BANCO Group (NBG), through Banco Best, sells responsible investment funds from third party asset managers with a diversified investment strategy and geographic allocation.

In 2016 client subscriptions of Banco Best's range of 125 responsible investment funds totaled approximately €6.2 million.

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