NB 100%

If you already have a NOVO BANCO Home Loan and want a change of residence, then this could be the ideal solution for you.

Spreads from 1.1%, for NOVO BANCO property assets and from 1.25% for other properties


  • A good solution for clients with a NOVO BANCO Home Loan who want to change their home, offering extremely favourable terms compared to standard market conditions.
    Up to 80% Finance of the required sum and up to 100% in the case of property assets belonging to NOVO BANCO.


  • For NOVO BANCO clients with a Home Loan already in progress and established before January 2010.

  • The length of the loan already in progress should be more than 10 years.

  • The current Home Loan must be reimbursed before completion of the new loan (no early repayment charges)

  • The purchase or construction of the new property must be carried out using a new loan from NOVO BANCO.

The decision for the approval and conditions required for the new loan is always subject to business and commercial analysis



INTEREST RATE The interest rate can be variable or fixed. The applied spread results from an evaluation between that which is applied to the current loan and minimum costs (with assumption of maximum bonus), taking into account the LTV and the sum applicable for the new Loan. Minimum spread of 1.50% or 1.25% for NOVO BANCO property.

Example: A client who has NOVO BANCO Home Loan with an outstanding sum of € 100,000 and a spread of 1%, who wants to change homes and obtain a Home Loan requiring an additional € 75,000. Under these circumstance the new spread will be [(100,000x1%) / (100,000 + 75,000) + (75,000x2,35%) / (100,000 + 75,000)] = 1.579%

Seguro Casa ( ver produto ).

APR of 1.8%; NAR Variable of 1.059% (12 month Euribor at -0.191% from April 2018 and spread of 1.25%); Monthly repayment € 486.54; MTIC: € 193,458.76.

For a loan of € 150,000 over 30 years, with a total of 360 payments, LTV of 60%, with mortgage guarantee.
Initial fees and expenses: € 2,181.20 Regular Fees and Expenses: Monthly fee for monthly settlement € 3.64 (IS included); Quarterly Account Management Fee DO € 15.60 (IS included). Life insurance (average annual premium € 265.39) and Multi-risk (annual premium € 166.03).
Interest Rate fluctuations may result in an increase in the amount payable.