NOVO BANCO Concurso Nacional de Inovação

National Innovation Awards

12th edition of NOVO BANCO National Innovation Awards

On the 28th of November, the award ceremony for the 12th edition of the NOVO BANCO National Innovation Awards was held in Espaço NOVO BANCO. In the public ceremony, which was attended by Susana Miranda Sargento, recognized with the 1st Women's Prize Innovators of the European Union 2016, 3 projects were distinguished in the sectors under contention, as well as the outright winner.

The jury decided to award a grand prize, distinguishing from among the winners of each sector. The project awarded in the Industrial Processes sector, is called Pro-Drone and its mission is to revolutionize the way the wind turbine blades are inspected.

For guidance in the process of assessing the entries, the jury of the competition used a set of criteria with the following order of importance: potential impact of the results of the project on business competitiveness; scientific excellence and innovative character of the project; credibility of the company, R&D institution or inventor.

About National Innovation Awards

NOVO BANCO Innovation Awards is an initiative created to reward and divulge research projects for application in critical sectors for the future of the Portuguese economy, such as the Renewable Energies, Health, and Industrial Processes.

This initiative was born out of the bank's determined will to contribute effectively to the dissemination of a culture of innovation in Portugal.

The projects were selected for their innovating nature and level of scientific excellence. The prize for each area of activity is worth a total of EUR 30,000, broken into two separate components:

  • Cash prize, in the amount of EUR 20,000;
  • Financial support to register the patent or other form of intellectual property rights, in the amount of EUR10.000 euros.