NOVO BANCO, S.A. (NOVO BANCO) Shanghai Representative Office

NOVO BANCO Representative Office started its activity in April 1998.

The Office is located at the prestigious Pudong Financial District in Shanghai.

Main Activities:

• To assist in the establishment of links between investors in China and investors in countries where NOVO BANCO group is present, in order to facilitate and promote the respective flows of foreign investments;

• To promote the development of trade relationships between Chinese companies and NOVO BANCO Clients in countries where NOVO BANCO Group is present such as Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Mozambique and Venezuela among others;

• To provide economic information, market surveys and liaison services to NOVO BANCO.

• To liaise with the banking and business communities in Shanghai.


Contact Information


Chief Representative: Lilian Zhong
Suite 2509, China Merchants Tower
No. 161, Lujiazui Road (E)
Shanghai, P.R. China
Tel: +8621 58870016
Fax: +8621 58768213