NOVO BANCO Solidarity

NOVO BANCO has developed a corporate social responsibility program, which aims to overcome social and affective needs of poorest people. In this context the Bank has been developing actions and own tools for their employees and customers and the general population to have an active role in solidarity.

Volunteer Program
The bank launched, in July 2011, the Volunteer Program, in order to promote solidarity and participation of employees in various social responsibility initiatives. This program, which is in its 6th edition, takes place during all year, and involved 1.700 employees from 30 departments of the Bank, supporting 60 Social Solidarity Institutions and about 4.500 beneficiaries.

NOVO BANCO Crowdfunding
NOVO BANCO Crowdfunding was a pioneering project in Portugal, who came to address the need to find new ways of participation and social contribution, allowing anyone to contribute to a particular case through the Internet and collectively help realize a project. NOVO BANCO provides 10 per cent of the total funding cent of total funding.

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Christmas Baskets
Since 2012, the bank delivers Christmas baskets with basic food to families in need identified by Cáritas Portuguesa, in Portugal and islands, to celebrate this festive occasion. So far 582 baskets were delivered which have benefited about 2,500 people, including around 1300 children.

Easter Solidarity Campaign
In 2016, NOVO BANCO launched an internal campaign of solidarity associated with the Easter season, a time so important in the lives of people who are supported by Social Solidarity Institutions. This campaign consists in the delivery of blankets to the elderly and clothes and baby diapers, to Social Solidarity Institutions located in Lisbon, Oporto, Faro and Santarém.

Donation campaigns
NOVO BANCO employees can support users of Social Solidarity Institutions throughout the year, through financial or non-financial donations, such as clothing, footwear, toys, computer equipment, household appliances and furniture.