NOVO BANCO Numismática

Numismatics Collection

NOVO BANCO's Numismatics Collection spans Portugal's entire history, illustrating our formation as a people, culture and nation through money.

Considered one of the most complete collections of its kind, it is comprised of around 13,000 coins, all minted in existing or past Portuguese territories, over a long period of more than 2,000 years. It features examples from before the founding of the Kingdom of Portugal, namely the Hispano-Roman, Suebi, Visigoth and Arab periods, covering all of the Portuguese kingships and culminating in the establishment of the Portuguese Republic.

It has one of the finest examples of Portuguese Numismatics, covering three glorious cycles: the Middle Ages, the Discoveries and the Brazilian Gold Cycle.

Of particular note from the medieval period are coins from the time of King D. Fernando, including the Dobra Pé-Terra and Shield of D. Afonso V, among the great Portuguese coins, representing the young knight king's personal undertaking, the Crusades.

From the Discoveries, a golden age of Portuguese history, comes the "O Português". For around 70 years, this was the richest and most valuable gold coin circulating internationally, accepted as a currency in every commercial transaction. It is one of the milestones of the glorious Manueline era, and was destined to announce Portugal's victory to the world in discovering the maritime route to India.

The third glorious cycle belongs to the Gold coming from Brazil, a territory discovered in 1500, and the source of countless riches. During his reign, and thanks to the major consignments of gold originating from Brazil, D. João V ordered the minting of one of the most spectacular monetary series of Portuguese numismatics.

The former Portuguese colonies are also a repository worthy of note, particularly Brazil and India, among all the others, as the largest collections currently known.

The collection was acquired from businessman and numismatist Carlos Marques da Costa in 2007.