NOVO BANCO aims to satisfy and meet the expectations of its clients, throughout their life cycle,  seeking to gather as much information as possible about what they want, when, where and how promoting therefore a Client Centric strategy, using a robust model for monitoring the customer experience based on several action pillars.

Service Quality Monitoring the clients’ experience of the service provided in all the commercial structures of the Bank, through a questionnaire designed to measure their satisfaction with the various dimensions of service, as well as other global indicators.
Moments of Truth Continuous monitoring of the clients' experience immediately after the main moments of their relationship with the Bank, in order to identify improvements that will allow us to meet their expectations and needs.
Digital Channels Customer satisfaction survey targeting the different aspects of the digital channels (available features, ease of use, security, visual attractiveness) and comparison with the competition.
Mistery Client Development of a customised Mystery Client programme with the main goal of assessing compliance with the quality principles defined by the Bank, and identifying any service weaknesses as well as training needs.
Quality Indicator Development of a Quality indicator for the commercial areas that reflects the quality of service and other elements that impact the customer experience.
Ad hoc surveys Carrying out specific surveys on a case-by-case basis and using different methodologies, depending on the critical themes of the moment.
External Surveys Monitoring of external benchmark market surveys such as the ECSI (National Customer Satisfaction Index), developed by APQ and NOVA IMS, and BASEF Banca, developed by Marktest.

The information obtained through this monitoring model is shared both with the Bank's commercial structures and with the central areas, enabling a set of actions to be taken that aim to improve the experience of this group of stakeholders with the Bank in its various dimensions.

In 2019, in order to correct the reasons for dissatisfaction, Restart program was launched. This programme allows the commercial network to assess the reasons for dissatisfaction, ensuring that they are mitigating, whenever possible.

As part of its strategy of open and continuous dialogue with the clients, NOVO BANCO also provides this group of stakeholders the following points of contact:

Quality of Service - Instruments to Assess the Quality of Service in NOVO BANCO

As a result of a strategy focused exclusively on the needs and well-being of customers, NOVO BANCO has been pursuing a plan of continuous improvement at all levels, from the service, through the offer, to the internal processes that affect the quality of service to the client, in which knowing how to listen is the key instrument.

According to the service quality satisfaction surveys conducted in 2019 to the clients of the Bank's various segments, the satisfaction of very satisfied customers maintains a positive evolution trend:

  • Medium-sized Companies - 92.8% are very satisfied;
  • Large Corporate - 76.4% are very satisfied;
  • Retail - 89.1% clients are very satisfied.