College Students

NOVO BANCO maintains cooperation protocols with several higher education institutions of reference on account of the excellence of the training they provide, their students' future potential and their impact on regional growth.

Within the scope of these partnerships, which seek to ensure it a relevant and differentiated presence within this market and its public - students, lecturers, researchers and universities' staff - the Bank has developed several initiatives, including:

  • Patronage and Sponsorships: several donations and sponsorships that allowed for the implementation of important activities in education, research and innovation, such as the acquisition of equipment, the implementation of campus management systems or the organisation of congresses, amongst others;
  • Internships: various internships for university students were offered in 2016 - curricular, introduction to working life and summer internships -, which gave them a meaningful experience in a professional context during their higher education period;
  • Grants and merit awards: within the scope of the existing partnerships with higher education institutions, in 2016 NOVO BANCO awarded 45 grants and merit awards to students who distinguished themselves through the excellence of their results;
  • NOVO BANCO Concurso Nacional de Inovação (NOVO BANCO National Innovation Awards): the purpose of this initiative is to reward excellence in research, contribute towards a more competitive economy and promote and stimulate an innovation-driven entrepreneurial culture. The main higher and polytechnic education establishments are represented in the jury of the awards.

Moreover, NOVO BANCO also offers a range of products and services specifically catering to the needs of university students during this period of their lives, including day-to-day solutions, saving solutions, digital channels.

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