Being aware that good results stem from a well-structured, diversified, and inclusive human capital, bringing different life experiences, the NOVO BANCO Group's relationship with all its employees is based on a strategy of equal opportunities, focused on performance and continuous improvement

Human Capital
At 31 December 2019 NOVO BANCO Group had  4,860 employees, of whom in 4,326 in NOVO BANCO, exercising its functions in Portugal:
- 52.5% Women
- 47.5% Men
- 71.5% employees aged between 30 - 50 years old
- 95.5% Permanent staff     

The development of the activity of NOVO BANCO with its employees answer to 6 challenges:
1. Attracting and retaining talent;
2. Valuing employee development;
3. Promoting gender equality, equal opportunities and respect for diversity;
4. Promoting the conciliation of professional, personal and family life;
5. Addressing Social Work needs - internal social responsibility;
6. Looking after health, well-being and safety at work.

1. Attracting and retaining talent
Within the scope of the Talent and Merit pillar, one of the four structural pillars of NOVO BANCO's strategy, three employee journeys were developed in 2019, aimed at ensuring a deep evolution in human capital management:
- Look & Join, whose objective is to rejuvenate the teams by attracting and retaining young talent using intervention models adapted to this age bracket;
- Live & Grow, with initiatives targeting the individual valorisation of employees and contributing to the conciliation of professional and personal life – NB Work & Life Programme;
- Transition & Depart, to create a circle of knowledge and sharing for former employees (eg NB retirees).

NOVO BANCO has the three internship programmes aimed at attracting young talent at the beginning of their professional careers, seeking not only to address the Banks’ staff recruitment and rejuvenation needs, but also to give young professionals career opportunities and the possibility to establish themselves in regions where labour supply is scarcer.

- Trainees Programme
12 month professional internships programme for recent graduates / masters who wish to perform fuctions  in diferente departments,   including the commercial network.

- Tech Academy
6 month training programme for young people graduated in the fields of Engineering and Mathematics who intend the conversion of
career so they can be integrated in NOVO BANCO.

- NBup
1st contact of young people with working life during the summer months
At national level:1 month duration programme for young people with qualifications in Economics, Management, Mathematics, Law, Engineering or Communication who wish to perform functions  in several areas of the Bank;
At international level: for final year students in Nursing, Nutrition, International Relations and Political and Economic Sciences and Social and Human Sciences. During 3 months the students integrate  the AMI Foundation humanitarian missions in a partnership with NOVO BANCO.

NOVO BANCO’s trainee programme was awarded the prize for “Best Trainee Academy” in the 14th edition of the HR Awards promoted by IIRH – Instituto de Informação em Recursos Humanos. The HR 2019 Awards bring together the national human resources community to celebrate excellence in the exercise of the profession, recognise individual and collective talent and reward results obtained through the implementation of good practices in people management.

2. Valuing employee development
By continually reinforcing the knowledge of its employees, NOVO BANCO promotes their retention, also contributing to the recognition of the diverse talent possessed by its staff and guaranteeing it has the decisive skills required to attain the challenging objectives it proposes to achieve.

In 2019 provided 46.4 hours of training per employee  with a special focus on:
- legal and mandatory training,
- ontinuous professional training, notably in English,
- strategic training designed to develop technical and behavioural skills in the commercial area, through the “Amplify Programme
- on-the-job training, Based on the concept of learning by doing, in its 20 School Branches distributed throughout the country, in inland areas and also in urban centres.

The Bank carries out the performance evaluation of its employees through a performance management model that is integrated in the employee portal called “Meu Portal. With this model, the bank intends to ensure that employees' performance is managed with fairness and impartiality and periodically monitored, in order to ensure that the work of each and each team is in perfect compliance with the desired professional development and aligned with the Bank's strategy.

3. Promoting gender equality, equal opportunities and respect for diversity
The NOVO BANCO’s relationship with all its employees is based on a relationship of equal opportunities, based on effective policies of high level of equality of opportunity between men and women and reconciliation of personal, family and professional life, as well as of professional employees recognition’s. The NOVO BANCO politics were drawn up on the principles of the Global Compact of the United Nations Organisation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the Main Conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

NB Equal Gender Program

Within the scope of the Social Dividend Model - an innovating tool whereby NOVO BANCO commits itself before society and its employees to give back what it originates from its activity, the #NB Equal Gender programme was launched in 2017 and sets specific targets to be reached in 2020 concerning the increase of the representation of the under-represented gender in higher responsibility functions. Gender parity is a reality at NOVO BANCO, with women representing 52.5% of the workforce and mans with 47,5%. However, the need to reinforce the gender balance in top management remains.

IndicatorsGoals 2020% Results achieved in September 2020
% of women in management position 40% 67,5%
% of women in first-line management 34.5% 61.5%
% Global Pay Gap 5.0% - 15.9%

In order to reach the defined goals, the Bank defined a set of initiatives that connected the theme, having already initiated the "Conversations with the President", a cycle of talks on Gender Equality, carried out by employees of both genders and the President of the Council administration.

The commitments made in the context of gender equality meet the strategic objectives of NOVO BANCO which include the adoption of best practices in the area of human capital management, in the field of motivation and in the development and retention of talents.

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5. Promoting the conciliation of professional, personal and family life
By continually diagnosing the main challenges in order to find answers to improve the reconciliation of the professional and private lives of its employees, NOVO BANCO has integrated the #NB Work & Life program into the benefits attributed to this group of stakeholders, making available to its employees a set of non-cash benefits as part of the overall value package offered by the company, which have a positive impact in terms of savings and personal satisfaction.

Having a holistic view of this group of stakeholders, the Bank also seeks to afford them the conditions to enjoy special dates, for instance granting them leaves of absence on their birthday or that of their children, or on their children's first day at school.

It was also established that meetings not scheduled after 6:00 p.m. and the determination of 9:00 p.m. as the cut-off time for the use of central buildings, centrally switching off lighting and air conditioning and ventilation systems, as a way to avoid remaining in the bank's premises.

In order to provide to its employees more time for themselves and their family, NOVO BANCO provides a Take away service in the NOVO BANCO canteens which, allowing the use of other initiatives which promote the conciliation of personal and professional life:

  • NB Early Friday / Late Monday - Allow additional hours during the week, which compensate with dismissal on Friday afternoon or Monday morning, provided that the provision of the 35 weekly hours is guaranteed;
  • Additional holiday purchase - Allow the purchase of 5 days additional vacation, promoting the reconciliation of working life with the children's school vacations;
  • Home –office - Remote work, to increase work place and working hours flexibility.

The programme achieved in September 2020 the following results:

IndicatorsGoals 2020% Results achieved in September 2020
Dismissal of attendance on special day of Employee's life Dismissal of attendance on special day of Employee's life 11 912 162%
Home Office 630 327%
Employees who purchased additional holiday days 630 53%
Employees who adhered to NB Early Friday / Late Monday 450 296%
Takeaway meals Takeaway meals 82 500 170%

5. Internal Social Responsibility
NOVO BANCO makes available to its employees a set of non-cash benefits as part of the overall value package offered by the company, which have a positive impact in terms of savings and personal satisfaction.

NOVO BANCO's policy on the attribution of allowances and assistance under its Internal Social Responsibility Programme covers the two  areas with the following performance in 2019:

Current Employees

Education Support - attribution of child benefits, school grants, scholarships and support to children and youths with special needs:

  • 435 child benefits worth €532.04
  • 210 scholarships worth €164,1
  • 73 children with special needs allowances worth €90.0
Retired employees

Support for basic needs - Co-payment of expenses with senior residences, day-centres, home support, drugs and other staplegoods:

  • 66 allowances worth 126 900 euros

The employees may also benefit from special conditions on the Bank's commercial offer, including loans at reduced rates. In 2019 NOVO BANCO Group granted mortgage and consumer loans to its employees for a total of 16.8 million euro. The accumulated outstanding value of these loans reached 309.2 million euro on 31 December 2019.

NOVO BANCO has in its premises four canteens and four bars located in the areas of greater concentration of employees, which provide nutritionally balanced meals at a low cost - in fact the NB Group was the first entity in Portugal to adopt the concept of 'nutrition traffic light'.

In addition, Bank provides through NOVO BANCO - Cultural and Sports Group of Workers of the NOVO BANCO Group, a set of cultural, sports and leisure activities for its employees and their families.

6. Safety, Health and Well-being in the Workplace

The physical, psychological and social well-being of its employees is essential for the Bank, which to this end has in place a health and well-being policy.

In 2019 NOVO BANCO earned the prize ‘Wealth and Well-being by MÉDIS’ in the 14th edition of the HR Awards promoted by IIRH – Instituto de Informação em Recursos Humanos.

In order to improve the employee experience, and promote employees’ holistic well-being through a greater balance between professional, personal and family life, and to mitigate health risks, NOVO BANCO launched the 'My B side' programme. The programme aims to afford employees experiences - such as workshops, lunch talks, ateliers, conferences, among others -, covering the eight dimensions of their life - health, physical exercise, food, emotional management, family and home, personal image, interpersonal relationships, culture and leisure - that form the wheel of well-being.

NOVO BANCO has the following clinical services available:

  • work medicine
  • curative medicine
  • nursing services
  • psychiatry consultations
  • psychology consultations
  • nutrition consultations
  • smoking cessation consultations
  • checkup programs

This strategic orientation goes beyond simply complying with legal obligations, taking into account that NOVO BANCO offers its employees and Group companies, own health services, through existing clinical services in 3 cities providing consultations and examinations of occupational medicine, curative medicine and nursing.

2019 finished with the following appointments:

  • 2 731 Occupational Health procedures
  • 10 296 General Practice Consultations  
  • 8 984 Nursing prcedires

As a complement NOVO BANCO Group also performs regular risk assessments of the workplace to minimise workplace accidents, occupational diseases, and to protect the integrity and the work capacity of its employees.

To this effect, NOVO BANCO performed in 2019  109 safety audits to the facilities, 104 IPAR, 26 assessments of thermal conditions, and 26 assessments of light conditions.