31th Portuguese Math Olympics

Miguel Santos holds the record for the number of gold medals won in the competition
Miguel Santos, 12th year pupil at Alcanena Secondary School, completed his participation in the Portuguese Mathematics Olympiad (PMO), which started in 2009, in perfect fashion.

For the fifth consecutive year, the pupil won a gold medal (category B) in the PMO, a result never achieved before in this competition. This record comes on top of another notable achievement: in 2011, Miguel became the first Portuguese entrant to win a gold medal in the International Mathematics Olympiad.

The results of the 31st PMO were known on the 17th of March, in the Municipal Auditorium of Albufeira, where the closing ceremony of the national final of the OPM was held, which ran between the 14th and 17th of March. Albufeira, the host city of this final, ended up by being rewarded with the gold medal won by David Andrade, 9th year pupil of Albufeira Primary and Secondary School, in category A.

The award ceremony was attended by the Secretary of State for High Education, João Filipe Queiró, the president of the Portuguese Mathematics Society, Miguel Abreu, the Mayor of Albufeira, José Carlos Rolo, the director of the Albufeira Grouping of Schools, Clara Pinto, and also António Murta of Pathena.

Although this episode of the “Olympiad” is over for some participants until the next academic year, for others the competition is not yet over: in the month of July Portugal will attend the International Mathematics Olympiad, in Columbia, and in the Portuguese-Speaking Mathematics Olympiad in Mozambique and, in the month of September, in the Iberian-American Mathematics Olympiad in Panama.


The winners