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Come in.
This space is yours.



Welcome to a new experience in your relationship with novobanco


Our new branches offer an innovative service where we focus entirely on you, engaging in dialog, being close to you and meeting your needs. 

The new branches bring about a new customer experience and changes in employee interaction. Join us for a closer look at the transformation.

Physical transformation

This investment modernized branches into welcoming, customer-centric spaces, fostering trust, and promoting efficient customer service

Digital transformation

Substantial investments upgraded online and mobile banking platforms, enabling seamless, 24/7 access for clients. The omnichannel approach ensures consistency across channels, offering flexibility and convenience

Sustainability focus

Sustainable materials sourced locally support the environment and the local economy. Energy-efficient technologies minimized the environmental footprint, aligning with our sustainability principles

Employee well-being

Ergonomic, technology-equipped workspaces, enhancing productivity, and nurturing a positive work environment.

Let's talk?

We'll talk informally, with fewer barriers, but with the professionalism you're used to.

You will always find someone ready to welcome you, help you and guide you, no matter what brings you here.

The different service areas are adapted to the needs of all our clients and the teams are always open to building close relationships and partnerships with you.


Service areas adapted to the needs of all our clients and teams open to building close relationships and partnerships with you.



We are always by your side, wherever you are.

No matter the channel, physical or digital,  We provide you a seamless experience. 

 After all, we are always your novobanco, in the app, Online or at the branch.


What can you expect from novobanco?

  • A unique, integrated experience regardless of the touchpoint
  • Service tailored to your preferences
  • Managers available in person or remotely, and a network of specialists to help you
  • New virtual teller machines  with features to support your everyday life


Our new branches materialize our values and personality

Distinctive environments within a space where transparency stands out, favoring Portuguese and sustainable materials.

We represent the diversity of local communities with references to the iconography of each region.


We are open to the community.

Our branches are more than commercial spaces, they are spaces for relationships not just with our customers, but with the entire community of which we are a part.

As a relationship, proximity and partnership bank, we are at the service of the communities in which we operate, promoting initiatives and events to give visibility to the projects, products, services or ideas of our partners.


If you have an idea or want to share a project, product or service, a novobanco branch can be an ideal space.