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Sustainability for SMEs


Sustentabilidade para PME

In order to raise awareness among companies on the topic of sustainability, we launched the Sustainability Program for SMEs, in partnership with CCIP and media partners TSF and Dinheiro Vivo. There are 9 programs, in which experts will be interviewed on this topic, two webinars and an in-person event taking place in January 2024.


Sustainable financing for SMEs will be highlighted in the upcoming webinar of the 'Sustainability for SMEs' Program. Come and discover its advantages in a discussion with Clara Moura Guedes, CEO of Monte do Pasto, Bernardo Maciel, CEO of Yunit, and Inês Soares, Head of the ESG Office at Novo Banco.

Discover the advantages of sustainable financing for SMEs.

ESG under discussion

Webinar "Sustainability for small and medium-sized companies"

Sustainability for SMEs – What you really need to know


ESG under discussion to help transform SMEs


What you will know:
  • Does ESG mean the same as Sustainability?

  • What is the energy transition in an SME and what support and financing is available?

  • Can sustainability change the way SMEs relate to banks?

  • What are the main challenges of new working models in managing an SME?

  • What is Greenwashing?

  • Taxonomy! What it means? How can you help SMEs redirect their investments?

  • How to take advantage of sustainability in the company's value chain?

  • What are the simplest ways to reduce CO2 emissions in your company?

  • Large company relationship with SME suppliers


ESG Literacy for SMEs

Learn about good practices, challenges and opportunities for sustainability in small and medium-sized companies.

ESG Literacy for SMEs ESG Literacy for SMEs