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Our strategy


Novobanco  is a client-centric bank with a simple strategy: to provide a seamless, efficient experience for each customer, supported by an expert and friendly team. This has resulted in a robust and sustainable organisation with excellent results.


On a day-to-day basis, novobanco is focussed on responding to the needs of its customers, both individuals and companies. This purpose is reflected in the first pillar of its strategy.


At each moment, novobanco exceeds customer and partner expectations through a distinctive value proposition, with digital and omnichannel as central levers of proximity and experience.

This second part of its strategy is redefining its most important processes to simplify them, so that customers have a distinctive experience. It is also improving its services, including the most important credit processes for companies and families.


Novobanco's transformation programme includes IT and data governance functions. The programme focuses on improving the bank's operations, providing relevant information, reformulating the bank's operating model, and meeting regulatory commitments.

In an effort to increase efficiency and improve its footprint, the bank has set ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations, reducing resource consumption and reducing waste in all its forms.

Novobanco has established clear guidelines and a robust monitoring framework to ensure  its sustainability standards throughout the supply chain. 

The third pillar of novobanco's strategy is critical, and the bank's management is  strongly dedicated to it. It ensures a clear definition of its emplyees' value proposition, the development of internal talent, and the promotion of organisational culture and values.

The strategy encompaseses the following dimensions:  

  • a high capacity to attract, develop and retain the best talent in the sector;
  • valuing diversity and respect for equality, with a focus on inclusion;
  • a daily life based on best in class working methods, in terms of participation and collaboration as well as working environment and space;
  • the promotion of innovation and internal generation of ideas to the benefit of its customers and the national economy;
  • a workplace that fosters and promotes employee well-being and health, building a strong sense of belonging;
  • a culture of continuous self-improvement and specialisation, promoting employee training programmes on key topics, including sustainability.

The fourth pillar of  novobanco's strategy ensures the  sustainability of  the bank's financial performance, the strength and quality of its balance sheet structure and adequate solvency levels.

It is within this framework that the entire programme for integrating the Environmental, Social and Governance theme into the organisation takes place, which includes, among other things, (i) implementing the ESG operating model and training the organisation, (ii) adjusting the range of products and services on offer, (iii) transforming investment and risk management policies.

Also contributing to the sustainability of novobanco's performance is the optimised management of capital and the bank's various sources of funding, as well as the improvement of risk management processes associated with its activity. 

Novobanco's strategic plan includes various programmes aimed at strengthening the quality of credit decisions, including boosting their automation, improving pricing models and measuring profitability adjusted to risk and capital consumption (economic and regulatory), sophisticating alert systems to monitor the life of credit operations and continually improving internal models.


The combination of these dimensions gives novobanco the confidence that its ambitious medium-term objectives will continue to be met.

Novobanco has been establishing itself as a clear benchmark in the European financial sector, with consistent growth based on a robust financial profile and high and sustainable levels of profitability.



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