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We listen to our  clients

At novobanco, we work to fulfil our customers' expectations and seek to understand what they want, when, where and how. To this end, we have developed a clients-Centric strategy, using an experience monitoring model based on various areas of action.

  • Service quality

    Monitoring the client’s experience of the service provided across all the bank's commercial structures, through a questionnaire that assesses their level of satisfaction.

  • Quality indicator

    Monitoring service quality and other aspects that impact the client experience in commercial areas.

  • Moments of truth

    Continuous monitoring of the client experience immediately after the main phases of the relationship with the bank, in order to identify improvements that enable us to fulfil their expectations and needs.

  • Ad hoc studies

    Carrying out specific and regular studies using different methodologies, depending on the critical issues of the moment.

  • Digital channels

    Evaluation of client satisfaction in the various dimensions of digital channels (features available, ease of use, security, visual attractiveness) and comparison with the competition.

  • External studies

    Monitoring of external reference market studies such as ECSI, developed by APQ and NOVA IMS, and BASEF Banca, developed by Marktest.

The information gathered is then shared with the bank's various structures in order to trigger a series of actions aimed at improving the experience of this group of stakeholders.

We assess the quality of our service

Following a strategy focussed exclusively on our cliens' needs and well-being, we have developed a plan to constantly improve our service. As proof of the success of our endeavour, the results of the satisfaction surveys carried out in 2022 reveal very satisfied customers:


in retail



in medium-sized companies


in large companies

We create different points of contact

To guarantee our customers' satisfaction, we need to hear their opinion. We therefore promote a frank and continuous dialogue with this group through different means of contact:

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