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You're just a few steps away to activate your online banking

It only takes a few minutes

Know how to Register for Online Banking

Register for Online Banking

Activate Online Banking

With a simple registration, have your bank with you at all times, whether through novobanco Online or the novobanco App

Access through the website

After activation, access novobanco Online through the website, whether via computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Access through the App

After activation, download the novobanco App and start your session

What will you need?

  • Taxpayer Number and phone number

    You should have your personal data updated in the bank.

  • Mobile Phone

    You should have your mobile phone with the number associated with your personal data in the bank to validate authentication via SMS.

  • Authentication Card Login

    After validating the operation with the SMS, you must define the access PIN. The authentication card login is received later at the address.

Digital Channels

One access, multiple channels.