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We know our suppliers

Sustainability is also measured in terms of relations with suppliers. We therefore endeavour to follow internationally recognised good practices and principles, bearing in mind the economic, environmental and social impacts produced by this group of stakeholders, based on two axes:

  • Code of conduct

    The Code of Conduct, which states that the assessment and selection process for suppliers is carried out rigorously and follows the highest standards of transparency and ethics.

  • Principles of Supplier Relationships

    Relationship Principles This describes the minimum requirements, not only of suppliers but also of the Group, with regard to business practices, health and safety at work, ethics and environmental management.

Code of conduct Code of conduct
Principles of Supplier Relationships Principles of Supplier Relationships
Supplier Portal

We have established sustainable principles

The relationship we develop with our suppliers is in line with the OECD guidelines for multinational companies and the United Nations Global Compact, and consists of:

In order to guarantee a relationship based on good sustainability practices, the novobanco Group has invited its suppliers to subscribe to the principles mentioned above and to adopt consistent behaviour, particularly with regard to the environment, employment conditions and ethics:

  • Adopting measures to protect the environment and abiding by all legislation in force on the environment;

  • Applying internal controls to assess and confirm compliance with the aforementioned legislation;

  • Appointing an internal environment protection officer.

  • The absence of forced or child labour or other type of human exploitation. All work should be voluntary and the result of a free choice by employees;
  • No inhumane treatment or threat of inhumane treatment of any kind, including sexual harassment or abuse, corporal punishment, physical or moral coercion or verbal abuse of employees;

  • The absence of discrimination based on race, skin colour, religion, political convictions, ancestry, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status or nationality;

  • The guarantee of decent working conditions for all employees;

  • The guarantee to respect the legislation in force with regard to working hours;

  • Respect for freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining;

  • Compliance with preventive measures on occupational health and safety.

  • To respect business integrity, with no form of bribery, corruption, extortion or similar. All business must be transparent and accurately reflected in its records and accounts;

  • To safeguard the principles and rules of confidentiality legally in force, as well as those arising from the uses and customs of the business;

  • Respect for intellectual property rights;

  • Respect for market rules and competition.

We create a tailor-made space for suppliers

This responsible attitude is also evident in the open and accessible way in which we receive proposals from a wide variety of organisations. That is why we created the Supplier Portal; a prime registration channel that is also a sourcing tool for market consultation processes and for recognising the characteristics and skills of suppliers in order to guarantee the Group's service requirements.

We define sustainability criteria

We define sustainability criteria

We want to establish sustainable relationships with our stakeholders and that is why we are careful when choosing them. To do this, we calculate the "sustainability score", which takes into account ethical, labour, hygiene, occupational safety and environmental issues. Around 12.9% of the Group's suppliers have an Excellent score and, cumulatively, around 80% have a positive score.

In need of improvement Fair Good Excellent