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Conference cycle - ESG Talks

With the aim of promoting reflection on ESG topics, we developed the ESG Talks conference cycle, in partnership with PwC Portugal and Nova SBE. An initiative that aims to bring our behaviors and visions to debate in search of a more sustainable world.


2nd edition ESG Talks - Rebuilding the Future

ESG Talks are back for the 2nd edition of the initiative that aims to debate the challenges and opportunities of sustainability. Under the motto “Rebuild the future”, lectures and conversations will take place with the participation of political and business decision-makers. Join this initiative and be part of the future.


Governance, Sustainability and Greenwashing

On December 5th we will talk about “Governance, Sustainability and Greenwashing”, this time highlighting the G in the English acronym ESG (Environment, Social and Corporate Governance).

We will discuss topics such as Governance in Portugal, highlighting its importance not only in Large Companies but also in SMEs and family businesses, also highlighting the good practices and risks of Greewashing.

We had the participation of João Moreira Rato, president of the Portuguese Institute of Corporate Governance; Miguel Pina Martins, founder and CEO of Science 4you; Paula Franco, president of the Order of Accountants and Claudia Coelho, partner at PwC, among many others.

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What have we already done in ESG Talks?

Over the course of 4 sessions, under the motto “ESG Talks”, we had the opportunity to address several thematic areas of sustainability, with the presence of dozens of speakers and political and business decision-makers.

Rebuild the future

At this event, the various sustainability themes, such as diversity, inclusion, gender equality, the future of work, the challenges of SMEs in the transition to a carbon neutral economy and climate risks, received a special attention and the sharing of experiences. It was clear that ESG is here to stay and that businesses that are guided by the ESG agenda tend not only to generate less risk for investors, but also to have a positive impact on the environment and society.  Deep Dive 

The first deep ESG Talks, which featured two panels “Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage” and “How the Green transition is financed”, delved deeper into the topic of sustainable finance. In this debate, there was a consensus that the involvement of national and international investors in the search for and financing of sustainable projects is high, demonstrating that the capital market is available for ESG and that company financing will be increasingly dependent on environmental criteria, social and governance.

2nd Deep Dive 

Recycling and the circular economy were the topics covered in the 2nd deep dive of ESG Talks. In the panels “Challenges and Opportunities of Recycling and the value of Waste” and “Companies in a Circular Economy Context”, the challenges and opportunities of recycling and the value of waste were addressed, as well as the space for companies in a circular economy context.

3rd Deep Dive

In this 3rd deep dive, under the panels “The importance of the oceans” and “Companies and the sea”, we learned about the projects that are being developed within the scope of the blue economy, still little perceived, and the growing weight of the sea economy in Portugal. The importance of sustainable exploitation of this resource was also highlighted, which must be a “national purpose”, and innovation must underlie this exploration.