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Our ESG priorities

Our ESG priorities

Novobanco guides its operations by principles of sustainability and with the firm purpose of contributing positively to the entire ecosystem in which it operates. To manage its business in a fair and responsible manner, the bank has been implementing a culture of continuous monitoring of its impact on the community, training and raising awareness among employees, partners and customers, while maintaining the principles and policies that guide its performance.

With the objective of reassessing the material issues and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the novobanco Group carried out a consultation with its different stakeholders, incorporating the contributions of its customers, employees, investors, suppliers, non-governmental organizations, and decision-making bodies of the novobanco Group, having defined the material Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Based on this consultation, the strategy, commitments and ESG objectives (Environment, Social and Governance) were structured in 3 pillars that reflect the way in which the Group addresses the material issues and SDGs identified by its various stakeholders.

Find here our Sustainability Policy.

Stakeholder communication channels


The feedback from the different stakeholders becomes fundamental for the constant improvement of the services provided. So, we have different channels that allow improving the relationship with the different groups of stakeholders and meeting their expectations, allowing the continuous strengthening of the dialogue that is intended to be constant.


EmployeesRequest for in-person feedback via questionnaires and meetings;
Intranet (Somos novobanco, Yammer and Human Resources Portal)
Themed Mailboxes Email (including CEO Office and “Ask the Chairman” address”)
DCH manager for active and retired employees
Human Resources Business Partner
Executive leadership visits to the commercial network
Whistleblower line
Workshops and Lectures
Annual Meeting and other thematic meetings, workshops, clarification sessions and webinarsWorkers Committee, Union Secretariat and Information and Consultation Procedure
Clients Request for by phone, online and in person
Formal system for filing complaints
Branch Network, Corporate Centres and Regional Divisions
Social networks (novobanco Cultura, novobanco Facebook and Linkedin)
Events, such as novobanco Summit
RegulatorsProvision of mandatory and voluntary information
Request for feedback by phone, online and in person.
Investor Relations team
Regular meetings with investors
Quarterly results presentationInvestor’s website
SuppliersContacts established through a specific website (Grupo novobanco Supplier Portal), coordinating the exchange of information via e-mail, telephone and in person.
MediaInformation provided in-person, by phone and online
Press conferences
Quarterly results presentationSharing of specialized knowledge through social networks and media (radio, newspapers, televisions).
CommunityContinuous in-person, telephone and online dialogue with Associations, Private Social Solidarity Institutions, social and environmental NGOs
Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives
Participation in conferencesSocial networks (novobanco Cultura, novobanco Facebook and Linkedin)