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No Banco da Minha Escola
(The Bank in My School)

The Bank in My School

With the purpose of creating a more informed generation that can make conscious decisions, we have partnered with the Financial Education Project - The Bank in My School, a financial literacy initiative, of the Portuguese Banking Association and its associates, this time directed at students of the 3rd cycle and secondary education.

From November 2023 to June 2024, we will bring together students and teachers and help them to know and understand topics such as budget planning and management, the banking products and services that exist or the behaviors to adopt in the prevention of online fraud.

In this first edition of “The Bank in My School”, three themes will be addressed:

  • 1st period - Family Budget Planning and Management: understand what an income and an expense are, how to make a budget and how to manage a budget balance.

  • 2nd Period – Financial System - Banking Products and Services: deepen the understanding of the financial system and get to know some essential banking products, such as credit, deposits, means of payment and insurance.

  • 3rd Period – Online Security: identify the different types of online fraud and adopt the most appropriate and secure behaviors to prevent them.

We will be, with our colleagues, at Colégio Miramar in Mafra, Agrupamento Escolar Padre José Augusto da Fonseca in Aguiar da Beira and Escola Básica General Serpa Pinto in Cinfães.

With this initiative, the Portuguese Banking Association (APB) and the group of 14 banks that have joined this project will in total promote around 200 financial literacy sessions in more than 50 schools and impact more than 3,800 students nationwide.

See here for the list of participating schools.

For more information, please visit the APB website.