1st edition

The members of the jury of the first edition, presided by João Fernandes, unanimously decided (with the abstention of Jürgen Bock in the case of Ramiro Guerreiro's project) to award 4 artistic production grants to the projects submitted by João Seguro, Ramiro Guerreiro, Carlos Lobo and Sylvie Rouquet.



The Winners

João Seguro
Project "90º", which combines scenes shot from the air showing flashes of events set by the artist to occur simultaneously on the ground.
Ramiro Guerreiro
Installation project where a construction obstructs full access to a projection of slides. The artist photographed himself wedged inside narrow cracks of modern buildings which were obviously not intended to accommodate the human body, and he forces the viewer to access the full image in order to experience the same physical experience, in an exercise between gymnastics and yoga.
Carlos Lobo
Shows indoor images of desolate spaces and objects out of context in a neutral and almost clinical manner, devoid of any dramatic feeling (the light, for instance, is homogeneous all over).
Sylvie Rouquet
Project that combines photos with text under the title "On Habit", and plays with the contrast between a neutral (almost advertisory) depiction of everyday life, intimate objects, with short biographical texts of great clarity and neatness which allude to specific and eminently personal habits in the use of common objects.
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