7th edition of REFLEX


REFLEX 2013 presents the Exhibition “DAR A VOLTA” (“Turnaround”)

“DAR A VOLTA” was the topic chosen for the 7th edition of REFLEX, the idea being to present a positive vision of life today. With more than 600 photography entered, it was up to the panel of judges comprising the photographers José Manuel Rodrigues and Rosa Reis, the Creative Director of OgilvyOne, Jorge Coelho, and Cristina Reis, representing the association CAIS, to assess and select the top 30 works, including the four winning photographs.

Vanda Filipa Ferreira was the main winner of this edition of REFLEX with the photograph “Carpe Diem”. Second and third place went to José Carlos Carvalho with the photographs “Construir” (“Build”) and “Acreditar” (“Believe”), respectively. Vítor Martinho was distinguished with an Honourable Mention for the photograph “Dar O Salto” (“Make the Leap”).

The four best photographs received prize money of 1000€, 600€, 400€ and 300€, respectively, and their authors also received equipment of the Epson brand and an annual subscription to the magazine “The World of Digital Photography”. The 1st prize was the cover of the October edition of the magazine CAIS and the other winning photographs were also published in this edition.



1º  - Vanda Filipa Ferreira
  • "Carpe Diem" 
2º - José Carlos Carvalho
3º - José Carlos Carvalho
Menção Honrosa - Vitor Martinho
"Dar o Salto"