Accounts with "Gestures that Count"

Returning to society what we originate from our activity is one of our commitments. Thus, and by restructuring the service accounts - Conta NB 100% and Conta NB 360º, aimed at managing the daily financial activities of our private customers, we associate them with causes of social responsibility, which include the social, cultural and environmental issues. By opening an NB 100% or NB 360º account, customers can now choose which project Novo Banco should support and follow its progress.

SEMEAR Project
The SEMEAR project is a social inclusion program of the BIPP Association for young people and adults with intellectual and developmental difficulties. It is based on certified training, skill-building for employability and professional placement, by processing and producing components from organic farming. This program minimizes the limitations of these young people and adults by encouraging them to be independent based on their potential.

"Este Espaço Que Habito (This Space I Live In)" Project
This project is sponsored by the MEF (Movimento de Expressão Fotográfica - Photographic Expression Movement) with five educational centres hosting institutionalized youth, and uses photography as a technical tool of personal expression to develop, from the spaces photographed, a search for and discovery of their own identity. The project is being done in partnership with the Ministry of Justice and Youth Justice Services.

Toy Recreational Recycling Project
Developed by Zero Waste Lab, this project aims to fix the problem of improperly discarded plastic toys. It promotes the recycling and circularity of plastic and other materials from toys for new purposes, by raising awareness and educating citizens about problems involving rising waste production.

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