Climate Change

The preservation of the Planet should deserve the attention of all, and in particular of the economic agents. NOVO BANCO is naturally no exception, having placed its capabilities as provider of financial services at the service of nature conservation.

With a central role in providing access to capital to the various economy sectors, the financial sector is a key driver of the economy. The sector is therefore a key player in sustainable development and the issue of climate change, one of the major problems currently facing mankind, whose consequences are already present in our everyday life.

In tandem with the World Bank guidelines, NOVO BANCO recognises that climate change is one of the main concerns in the world, and one that has undeniable direct impacts on health and economic growth.

Bussiness Ambition for 1.5ºC

NOVO BANCO has signed a Bussiness Ambition letter for 1.5ºC,  joining the global movement of leading companies aligning their businesses with measures to combat climate change.

The document, recently launched by the United Nations Global Compact, encourages companies by stepping up in support of a 1.5°C future and calls for a commitment to concrete targets to be a align with civil society and ambitious Governments  in reducing greenhouse gas emissions greenhouse, following a transition to a low carbon economy and avoid overheating of the atmosphere.

This call to action increase is in line with "1.5 ° C Global Warming", the recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which warned of catastrophic consequences should global warming exceed 1.5°C .

Aware of its role,  NOVO BANCO has publicly made a commitment to align its decarbonization plans with the ambition to limit - or mitigate - global warming.