NOVO BANCO Group considers its employees as one of the major driving forces for implementing its strategy and regarding the results achieved. As such, existing human resources measures were developed assuming the basic principle of intellectual capital as a brand distinctive factor.

Human Capital
At 31 December 2016 NOVO BANCO Group had 6,096 employees, of whom 5,687 in Portugal.

Distribution of Employees as of 31 December 2016:                      

Portugal 5 691
Other European countries
    United Kingdom
    Other countries

Africa - South Africa 2
South America - Venezuela 56
Asia - Shanghai 2
Total 6 096


Men 49,7%
Women 50,3%
Employment contract
    Permanent - Men 
    Permanent - Women

Average Hours of Training per employee 29
Absenteeism rate (excluding parental leave) 2,9%

NOVO BANCO Group incorporates in its strategic goals the motivation, development and retention of talent, having to that end established the following management bases:

As part of the Human Resources development policy, the focus placed on employee training is fundamental for the development of skills and careers in this stakeholder group.

Knowledge is increasingly a differentiating factor in the retention and training of human resources. Developing the skills of employees and preparing them for the correct performance of their duties has been a constant concern. For this reason, and also taking into account the various regulatory changes that have occurred in the banking sector in recent years, we believed it was important to reinforce their technical skills, in particular of those who interact with clients on a daily basis. To address this need, we developed a training programme
that combines technical and behavioural issues. Thus, in 2016 we provided face-to-face training modules in Financial Analysis, Risk Management, Banking Techniques and Financial Markets, Sales and Negotiation Techniques and Activity Planning and Management.

In addition to this Training Programme, the NOVO BANCO Group maintained its investment in the School Branch training programme, which uses an on-the-job methodology and is supported by NOVO BANCO's Corporate University:

School Branch
A pioneering project in the Portuguese banking sector, the School Branch focuses its activity on reinforcing the skills of the Retail Network staff. This training methodology is used not only for the employees of the commercial segments but also for central departments' staff. The main objective of the programmes designed for the central departments' employees is to allow them to learn about the clients' needs and expectations and the constraints faced by the various teams to solve customer requests and problems, and to show them the importance of the support and contribution of the various central departments for the development of the commercial activity and the improvement of the quality of the service provided to the clients.

To support the work carried out by the School Branches, the Bank developed training programmes that respond with objectivity to the needs identified by its various areas, implementing methodologies and processes that accurately assess training needs, as well as post-training knowledge gains, and monitor the effectiveness of the training provided. NOVO BANCO's 28 School Branches, one in each of the Regional Divisions, are a key asset to the reinforcement of employees' skills.

NOVO BANCO Corporate University
Within the scope of its strategy of promoting, developing and retaining employees, NOVO BANCO gives its employees the possibility to attend its Corporate University, a project based on partnerships with renowned universities and higher education institutes that involves a significant number of Bank employees in the design and execution of the programmes.
The goal of this project is to boost NOVO BANCO Group's competitiveness, innovation and growth. NOVO BANCO University is open to young graduates with high potential and also to employees that while not being graduates have significant professional experience. Hence, two distinct programmes have been

. Executive Master in Management & Banking, in partnership with Universidade Católica Portuguesa;
. Support for the Degree in Bank Management.

Talent Management
Identifying and managing high-performance employees are essential to achieve human capital management's objective of conciliating employees' ambitions and expectations with the needs of the business. The NOVO BANCO Group has created a specific area, the Talent Management area, to develop the work involved in the identification, development and retention of employees. This area uses an assessment model to track employees with the greatest potential to progress in the career, and to take on functions of greater complexity
and/or higher responsibility.

This model permits to recognise the employees with higher performance levels and those with greater potential to evolve and to assess the level of development of their skills and spot those that need to be further improved. In addition, by providing the Bank with comprehensive knowledge about the employees and their expectations, the model permits to provide a better response to internal mobility requests.

#NB Equal Gender
The Bank's Human Resources Policy is based on the effective implementation of policies that ensure equal opportunities
between men and women, the conciliation of a personal and family life with a working life, and the professional development of the employees.

In 2016 the NB Group reinforced its NB Equal Gender and NB Work & Life programmes by defining a new set of social Goals (2020).

#NB Equal Gender - - Women's Representation 
Board Of Directors 28%
Managing Directors 34,4%
Management 40%
Wage gap between genders 5%
Succession Policy  1/3

In order to reach the defined objectives, the Bank defined a set of initiatives that connected the theme, having already initiated the "Conversations with the President", a cycle of talks on Gender Equality, carried out by employees of both genders and the President of the Council administration.

The commitments made in the context of gender equality meet the strategic objectives of NOVO BANCO which include the adoption  of best practices in the area of human capital management, in the field of motivation and in the development and retention of talents.

Click here to consult the Non-discrimination and Equal Opportunities Policy.

Click here to consult the Humans Rights Policy.

Benefits and Internal Social Responsibility - NB Work & Life Programme

Showing its permanent concern for the well-being of its employees, NOVO BANCO has a set of internal social responsibility benefits and initiatives that were developed based on the constant diagnosis of the main challenges faced and the search for solutions to better conciliate the professional and private life of its employees.

Allowances Performance in 2016
Current Employees - Education Support Attribution

Attribution of child benefits, school grants, scholarships and support to children and youths with special needs.
  • 383 child benefits worth €512,400;
  • 206 scholarships worth €164,100;
  • 268 school grants worth €37,500;
  • 91 children with special needs allowances worth €91,000.
Retired employees - Support for basic needs

Co-payment of expenses with senior residences, day-centres, home support, drugs and other staplegoods

  • 53 allowances worth €126,900.

The employees may also benefit from specia conditions in the Bank's commercial offer, including loans at reduced rates. In 2016 the Bank granted mortgage and consumer loans to its employees for a total of €19 million. The accumulated value of these loans reached approximately €331.5 million on 31 December 2016.

NOVO BANCO has in its premises seven canteens and seven bars located in the areas of greater concentration of employees, which provide nutritionally balanced meals at a low cost - in fact the NB Group was the first entity in Portugal to adopt the concept of 'nutrition traffic light'. In 2016 the Bank's canteens served 238,144 meals to NOVO BANCO Group's employees.

# NB Work & Life Programe
By continually diagnosing the main challenges in order to find answers to improve the reconciliation of the professional and private lives of its employees, NOVO BANCO has integrated the #NB Work & Life program into the benefits attributed to this group of stakeholders, making available to its employees a set of non-cash benefits as part of the overall value package offered by the company, which have a positive impact in terms of savings and personal satisfaction.

#NB Work & Life 2020 Goals
Dismissal of attendance on special day of Employee's life 11 912
Employees that have adhered to NB Home Office 580
Takeaway meals 82 500
Employees that have hired domestic services 120

Having a holistic view of this group of stakeholders, the Bank also seeks to afford them the conditions to enjoy special dates, for instance granting them leaves of absence on their birthday or that of their children, or on their children's first day at school.

It was also established that meetings not scheduled after 6:00 p.m. and the determination of 9:00 p.m. as the cut-off time for the use of central buildings, centrally switching off lighting and air conditioning and ventilation systems, as a way to avoid remaining in the bank's premises.

In 2017 the NOVO BANCO intends to implement the remaining incentives, namely:

  • NB Early Friday / Late Monday - Allow additional hours during the week, which compensate with dismissal on Friday afternoon or Monday morning, provided that the provision of the 35 weekly hours is guaranteed;
  • Additional holiday purchase - Allow the purchase of 5 days additional vacation, promoting the reconciliation of working life with the children's school vacations;
  • Domestic services - providing employees with services of domestic support companies such as ironing, sewing, meals, car washing / cleaning, etc. Health and Safety in the Workplace NOVO BANCO has its own clinical facilities offering the following services:
  • occupational medicine;
  • curative medicine;
  • nursing services;
  • psychiatry consultations;
  • Psychology consultations;
  • nutrition consultations;
  • quit smoking consultations;
  • check-up programmes.

This strategic orientation goes beyond mere compliance with legal obligations since NOVO BANCO Group provides all its employees and NB Group companies with its own healthcare services through existing clinical services in Lisbon, Porto and Oeiras (Tagus Park). These clinical services provide consultations and examinations of occupational medicine, curative medicine and nursing. In 2016, a total of 3,387 occupational medical exams (initial, regular, and one-off), 27,651 medical procedures (appointments and prescriptions) and 7,623 nursing acts were carried out.

As a complement NOVO BANCO Group also performs regular risk assessments of the workplace. During 2016 the following assessments were made at the workplace and respective environment: . 190 Safety audits of the facilities; . 13 Ergonomic assessments of workstations; . 13 Identification of hazards and activity's risk assessments; . 187 Assessments of thermal conditions; . 188 Assessments of light conditions.