30th Portuguese Math Olympics

The city of Leiria was the stage of the thirtieth Portuguese Mathematics Olympiad (PMO) and the home team met the expectations by winning two medals: one gold and a bronze.

Pedro Pereira, a 12th year pupil at Domingos Sequeira Secondary School, the school which hosted the National Final of the PMO, achieved the gold in Category B, the most advanced category of the competition.

The second medal for Leiria (bronze) was won by Mariana Gago (7th year), of the D. Dinis Primary School 2,3, in the Junior Category.

Miguel Santos’ performance should also be noted as in 2011 he won the first Portuguese gold medal in the International Mathematics Olympiad. The student from Alcanena got the gold again in a national solo, just like what happened in his three previous participations in the PMO.

These and the other 87 participants in the final of the PMO were congratulated by the Minister of Education and Science, Nuno Crato, in the award session which was held in the José Lúcio da Silva Theatre in Leiria.

Portugal’s representatives in the International Mathematics Olympiad (Argentina), in the Portuguese-Speaking Mathematics Olympiad (Brazil), both held in July, and also in the Iberian-American Mathematics Olympiad (Bolivia), booked for the month of September 2012 were chosen from among the participants of the PMO.