NB 360º

Acting across all areas of financial services, such as private, corporate and investment banking, asset management and insurance, NOVO BANCO offers wide coverage for the financial needs of its customers.

On opening an NB Golden Key Account, you have access to a dedicated manager who can find the best solutions to plan your future and manage your day-to-day financial affairs. Always attentive to the best opportunities, your manager is able to foresee competitive solutions, adjusted to the life and objectives of clients. He or she is always available by phone or email.


The NB Golden Key account makes life easier

An NB Golden Key Account makes your life simpler. It was designed to meet your specific needs and make your life easier.

An NB Golden Key account for your daily needs:

  • Relationship Manager always available by telephone or e-mail and ready to assist you in English, French or Chinese;
  • No annual fee for the card holder and additional holder of NB Debit card;
  • NB Gold credit card free-of-charge (EAPR 15,6%);*
  • Account Statements and correspondence in English;
  • Direct channels transactions (internet and telephone banking) - free of charge for most operations;
  • Free international transfers, using direct channels, in EUR, GBP, SEK, NOK, DKK (competitive exchange rates) Principal transactions via NBnet, NB smart app and NBdireto are free, eg, bill payments, SEPA bank transfers, cell phone top-ups, international transfers** up to €10,000 per day, and more;
  • Term deposits offered in EUR, GBP, SEK, NOK, DKK at competitive interest rates and exchange rates;
  • One free cheque book (20 cheques).
(*) NB Gold Credit Card is subject approval. 15.6% EAPR (effective OCT), 11,600% NAPR (Nominal OCT) for a €1.750 12 months loan. 2nd quarter 2021. (**) SEPA transfers in EUR with SHA expenses option, indication of a valid IBAN for the beneficiary account and valid BIC/SWIFT of the destination bank.

NOVO BANCO mortgage loans

NOVO BANCO provides mortgage loans secured on the property being acquired in Portugal:

  • There is a maximum loan term of 30 years and the borrower cannot be over 75 years at the end of the loan term.
  • The loan-to-value cannot exceed 75% and the minimum loan amount is €75,000. Terms & conditions may vary if the property belongs to NOVO BANCO or one of its partners.

Contact us to find the best deals on real estate in Portugal.


In addition, an NB Golden Key Account offers other significant benefits:

  • Health benefits

    Health Insurance (Seguradoras Unidas Insurance Company)

    - Special conditions across the entire Luz Saúde hospital network(*) in mainland Portugal, with discounts of up to 20%. Find out more here:
    a) 20% discount on check-up;
    b) 15% discount on the daily cost of admission from the 45th day;
    c) 10% discount on expenses not covered by health insurance and on amounts exceeding the ceiling (for those who have health insurance, excluding consumables, pharmaceuticals, blood and its use);
    d) Individual customer service in English and French at Hospital da Luz Lisbon, Hospital da Luz Oeiras Clinic and Hospital da Luz Arrábida (on request at each unit).

    (*) Conditions valid at all units of Hospital da Luz Póvoa de Varzim, Hospital da Luz Amarante Clinic, Hospital da Luz Cerveira Clinic, Hospital da Luz Porto Clinic, Hospital da Luz Arrábida, Hospital da Luz Aveiro, Hospital da Luz Lisbon, Hospital da Luz Oeiras Clinic, Hospital da Luz Amadora Clinic, Hospital Da Luz Setúbal and Hospital da Misericórdia Évora.

    - Special conditions at the hospitals of the HPA Group (Algarve Private Hospitals)(*) in mainland Portugal, with discounts of up to 50%. Find out more here:
    a) 15% discount on the HPA price list with the exception of consumables and pharmaceuticals;
    b) 30% discount for check-ups, with the exception of the Premium Check-Up, where the applicable discount is 10%;
    c) 50% discount on general and family appointments, once a year, with a doctor who speaks the beneficiaries' native language;
    d) The Smile+ Program, with no-costs for the initial medical assessment appointment, a panoramic radiograph and preparation of a treatment plan;
    e) 30% discount on our ambulance service;
    f) 15% discount on the Health Tourism service;

    (*) Conditions valid at: Algarve-Alvor Private Hospital, Algarve Private Hospital - Gambelas, Hospital of St. Camillus - Portimão; and the following clinics: Vila Real de Santo António International Medical Centre, Medchique Clinic - Monchique, Algarve Private Clinic - AlgarveShopping/Guide, Vilamoura Private Clinic, SIIPEMOR Clinic - São Brás de Alportel and CLÍDIS - Sines Diagnostic Clinic (Sines/Odemira/Vila Nova de Milfontes/Santiago do Cacém/Beja).
  • Home medical assistance services

    As an NB Golden Key account holder you can benefit, at any time, from medical assistance services at your home, such as a doctor's visit if you or a family member are ill , and you only pay the cost of the appointment. The call-out charge is paid by NOVO BANCO. You can also get medicines sent to you, among other complementary services.
    Just call 800 202 271.

  • Home technical assistance services

    As an NB Golden Key Account holder you have access at any time to home technical assistance, to send professionals (for plumbing, electricity, home appliances, decorating and carpentry services), with free call-out and up to 1 hour free labour on the first occurrence per year. Just call 800 202 271.
    Just call 800 202 271.

  • Technical accommodation assistance services

    And because we don't want your house in Portugal to be a worry, we have partnerships with security and condominium management companies.

    With ESEGUR you have access to security services, with special conditions for intrusion detection systems connected to the ESEGUR control centre, a key cabinet, human surveillance and transportation of valuables.

    With the Condo Store you have access to property management services, with special extras: key cabinet, regular checks on your house, administrative management, supplier management, home medical visits, LDC24 and maintenance.

  • Accommodation benefits in Portugal

    For you to get to know the country from North to South, we offer preferential conditions at several hotel chains in Portugal.

    At all Vila Galé hotels, you can benefit from a 10% discount on the published price online at www.vilagale.com.

    See all the hotels at www.vilagale.com

  • Benefits at golf courses

    At various golf courses, you can benefit from preferential conditions, such as:
    a) 30% discount on the counter price of green fees, which can be extended to beneficiaries' companions, up to a maximum of 3 people;
    b) 10% discount on the counter price at restaurants (with the exception of the Beloura restaurant in Sintra).

    Conditions valid at: Gramacho and Vale da Pinta in Lagoa, Silves Golf in Silves, Alto Golf in Alvor and Vila Sol in Quarteira; at Beloura in Sintra.