Portugal's Attributes

Portugal has a set of attributes that continue to position it as one of Europe's most appealing tourist destinations.

Key reasons to choose Portugal include the weather, location (proximity to larger European countries), security, political and social stability, the level of competitive life, cultural and landscape territorial diversity, the hospitality of the local population and its rich cuisine, the existence of internationally-recognized high-quality golf courses, a diversified offer of products and services, the presence of international renowned tourism brands, the country's history, tradition and modernity, low building density and / or the quality and sustainability of developed projects and those under development.

Recently, Portugal was considered to be the third best country in the world for investments in a second home, by the British magazine "A Place in the Sun" (reference in NOVO BANCO Imóveis- Residential Tourism), in the luxury residential market, in which buyers invest primarily in function of their lifestyle, although they are also aware of the potential for appreciation of the value of their properties.

Portugal assumes a prominent position, and is viewed as a safe, consolidated market, that hasn't suffered sharp market falls, with excellent design and quality. Some of its regions and real estate developments are ranked amongst Europe's leading destinations (e.g. the Algarve - Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo), with the best performances.