Portuguese Math Olympics

The Portuguese Math Olympics (PMO), organized annually by the Portuguese Society of Mathematics, are a contest of Mathematics problems, which aims to encourage and develop the taste for Mathematics, directed to students in the 2nd and 3rd cycles of basic Portuguese education and those who attend secondary level.

This initiative, sponsored by NOVO BANCO since 2006, was the reason for awarding the "Gulbenkian Prize" to the Portuguese Society of Mathematics (SPM). According to the jury of the award, the reason of this distinction is the promotion of a "educational initiative of reference and great national impact, which for more than three decades promotes the aims of mathematics as a subject to be liked”

The problems proposed in this contest mainly appeal to the quality of reasoning, creativity and imagination of students. One of the objectives of the competition is the early detection of scientific vocations and, in particular, for mathematics. It is gratifying that many of the winners of previous editions of the OPM have embarked on scientific careers that promise to be quite successful.

NOVO BANCO, whose objectives are aligned to those of the PMO, has included this initiative in its Financial Literacy Programme and become its sponsor.

The 37th edition of these Olympics is now taking place, and next January 9th, the second round will be played. The National Final will take place between April 04 and 07 at Sebastião da Gama School Group in Setúbal.

2019 International Competitions:

July, 60th International Mathematical Olympiads - United Kingdom
July, 9th CPLP Mathematical Olympiad
September, 34th Ibero-American Mathematical Olympiads - Mexico

Previous Edition

National Final of the 36th edition of the Portuguese Math Olympics: Martas and Tiagos dominate medals at this edition

In the national final of the 36th Portuguese Math Olympics, which took place in the Mirandela School, from March 22 to 25, Martas and Tiagos were the top names: they won five gold medals.
Ana Pereira do Vale, a professor at the University of Minho, presented the lecture "The Babylonian Plate CBS 1766" before the announcement of the winners.

Many will return to the Olympiad next school year, but for some the competition is still not over. In July, Portugal will be present at the International Mathematical Olympiads, which will take place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. In September, the CPLP Olympiad will take place in São Tomé and Príncipe and Portugal will be a co-organizer of the Ibero-American Mathematics Olympiads along with Spain. Monte Gordo and La Rábida are the cities that host the event. All the winners of categories A and B can be selected to integrate the teams that will represent Portugal in these competitions.

The OPM is organized by the Portuguese Mathematical Society in partnership with the University of Coimbra Department of Mathematics, and are supported by the Ministry of Education, Ciência Viva, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, NOVO BANCO and Pathena.