NOVO BANCO Solidarity

When it comes to solidarity, all the help makes a difference. NOVO BANCO knows it and does its part  to help  to overcome social, emotional and cultural needs, along with other realities of the daily lives of citizens, whether these are generated by lack of opportunities or for example, by existing injustices in society, it is one of the missions of the Bank.

NOVO BANCO focused largely, its contribution in supporting children and young people at risk and needy population, developing their corporate social responsibility activities in two areas:

  • Own initiatives - solidarity initiatives undertaken by the bank, such as NOVO BANCO Crowdfunding  and NOVO BANCO  Volunteering program;
  • Initiatives in partnership with social solidarity institutions -  developing a close relationship with a diversity of institutions, through partnerships, so that they can continue with their mission of preparing children and disadvantaged people to integrate into society on equal opportunities logic.

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