NOVO BANCO Revelação

NOVO BANCO Revelação

Applications until June 30

NOVO BANCO and Serralves Foundation launch the 2019 edition of the NOVO BANCO Revelação Award, an initiative that distinguishes young creators in the field of contemporary photography. The applications are open until June 30 and the theme is free.

An international jury, of different composition in all editions, will select up to four finalist projects and will elect among them the winner. All the selected artists receive a grant of production of 4,500 euros for the the projects.

The collective exhibition that brings together the selected projects and the winner will take place at the Serralves Museum and will open during the last quarter of 2019, on a date to be announced. A catalog with the work of the winning artist will also be published.

Projects of creators of Portuguese nationality, or foreigners residing in Portugal, with an age limit of 30 years (at the closing date of applications, June 30, 2019) are admitted to the contest.

By committing to Serralves in an initiative that promotes the emergence of new creators, NOVO BANCO reinforces its strategy of patronage and cultural promotion in the field of photography and, simultaneously, intervenes in the community through innovative ways of promoting art, namely in the contemporary Portuguese artists.


Photographer Maria Trabulo won NOVO BANCO Revelação Award 2018

In the 2018 edition of this award  the Jury composed by Anna Gritz - curator at the KW (Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin), Filipa Loureiro and Ricardo Nicolau - curator and deputy director of the Serralves Museum and Rita Vitorelli, editor chief of Spyke magazine Art, unanimously selected as finalists the artists Carlos Arteiro, Ana Linhares, the collective Untitled 2018 and Maria Trabulo, elected the winner.

According to the jury, the attribution of the Prize to Maria Trabulo was due to the introspective and idiosyncratic character of the artist's research, which led her to the project with which she applied to the NEW BANK Revelation to question the relation of photography to the limits of human memory - let us remember that it is fundamental in the constitution of archives, for preservation practices and as an archaeological tool.
The NOVO BANCO Revelação 2018 exhibition, a collective exhibition of the unpublished works of the winning artist Maria Trabulo and the three finalist artists Carlos Arteiro, Ana Linhares and Untitled Collective 2018, was open to the public from November 29, 2018 to January 27, 2019, in the Serralves Museum.
The artists received a production grant to carry out the projects that presented the contest. Maria Trabulo was also distinguished with the publication of a monographic publication on her work, launched on the opening day of the exhibition.

This project is coordinated by Filipa Loureiro, curator and Ricardo Nicolau, deputy director of the Museum.

About the NOVO BANCO Revelação

The NOVO BANCO Revelação is a joint initiative of the bank and the Serralves Foundation with the objective of promoting, launching and supporting art production and creation by young Portuguese artists that use photography as their medium.

The competition is open to artists under 30 who submit works/projects never before exhibited or subject to assessment by a jury. The competition is mainly, but not exclusively, addressed to works in photographic support. The subject/theme of the projects submitted is totally free.

From this year, the prize will have a new format, recognising a winner each year and increasing the production grant to 15,000 euros. The new format of NOVO BANCO Revelação will have an international jury who, in the first stage, will select four projects from among the applications received. In the second stage, the jury will select one of the four shortlisted projects as the winner of the competition.

The winner, whose name will be announced in September, will receive a production grant worth 15,000 euros and will have the unique opportunity to show the work in a solo exhibition at the Serralves Museum, opening in November.

By cooperating with the Serralves Museum in an initiative to encourage the emergence of young photographers, NOVO BANCO is extending its cultural sponsorship strategy in the area of photography and at the same time engaging with the community through innovative ways of promoting art photography involving young Portuguese contemporary artists.