NOVO BANCO Revelação

REFLEX - CAIS Photography Award

By merging into one the "CAIS Photography Award", organised by the CAIS Association, and the "A Certain Look" contest, organised by NOVO BANCO, the two institutions forged a partnership in the area of photography and launched the REFLEX Photography Award, a new award aimed at valorising photography in Portugal.

This award not only reinforces the partnership between the two institutions but amplifies the positive impacts on the only initiative in Portugal that allies photography to socially relevant issues. The REFLEX prize thus combines the mission of social commitment of the CAIS Association and the corporate social responsibility strategy of NOVO BANCO as the Patron of Photography in Portugal.


In the 10th edition of REFLEX - CAIS | NOVO BANCO Photography Prize, we want to privilege Ambition and Talent. The combination of two values that so often allow us to see beyond and capture the strength of an image that makes us believe that the best is always to come.

The winners of this edition were:
1st place - Carlos Elisio Vasconcelos Silva " The jump"
2nd place - António Rilo " Flight chopped"
3rd place - Vitor Pina "Death in the sun"
Honorable Mention - José Pedro Martins "Flying to the Infinite"

The 30 photographs chosen by the jury took center stage in the December 2016 issue of CAIS Magazine. The four best photographs were awarded with NEW BANK Prizes in the amount of € 1,000, € 600, € 400 and € 300, respectively.

"Ambition and Talent" was in exhibition at Espaço NOVO BANCO.