REFLEX - CAIS Photography Award l NOVO BANCO

Edition 2019 - “World with Future”

The 2019th edition of REFLEX - CAIS Photography Award | NOVO BANCO has as its theme “World with Future”. The aim of this theme is for competitors to portray positive and sustainable initiatives that try to counter an uncertain future arising from climate change and resource scarcity.

The purpose of this issue is to photograph the small and large actions that can make a difference at the environmental level and prove that change is possible if we extend our gestures.

The 30 finalists and the winning works will be revealed to the public at an inaugural exhibition ceremony in April, at a date and place to be announced, and will be published in the April issue of CAIS Magazine.

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By merging into one the "CAIS Photography Award", organised by the CAIS Association, and the "A Certain Look" contest, organised by NOVO BANCO, the two institutions forged a partnership in the area of photography and launched the REFLEX Photography Award, a new award aimed at valorising photography in Portugal.

This award not only reinforces the partnership between the two institutions but amplifies the positive impacts on the only initiative in Portugal that allies photography to socially relevant issues. The REFLEX prize thus combines the mission of social commitment of the CAIS Association and the corporate social responsibility strategy of NOVO BANCO as the Patron of Photography in Portugal.